What do you want/need in a live video mixer?

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      Share what you want or need here, the post is under the General Discussion forum.
      I’m doing research for a new live video mixer that’s in development.

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      We currently are using a video camera (composite video output) to simultaneously feed to TV sets in several parts of our church and to a VCR to record the service to play back later in our local nursing home. We also use a video projector for sermon notes, song lyrics and etc. The signal for projection with the SVGA projector is also converted to composite video. Is there a mixer that would in real time use the composite video of the projected image as the background and then insert the video camera image in the lower right hand corner (i.e. create a picture in a picture) for recording?
      Thanks for any suggestions.

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      We have (1) Videonics MX Pro Mixer and (1) MX Pro Digital Mixer at our church. Both can do PIP and also cromo key if you need that. We use PowerPoint for song words from our Mac G4 and last Sunday we used a background of Blue and cromo keyed the blue out and projected the songs words over live video and it worked great. If I can be of any help you can reach me at ko6ykb@earthlink.net

      Robert Pool
      Bethel church
      bellflower, Ca.

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      Our church uses a program called mediashout for the songs and announcments along with the MX 1 for cameras. You can download a trial version of media shout and try it out. It is fantastic. Much better than power point and made for churches. Hope this helps.
      Skip πŸ˜€

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