What do you want/need in a live video mixer?

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      I’m doing some research to find what users require for a live video mixing solution that’s being developed.

      Replying here is your chance to HAVE YOUR SAY.

      What do you WANT or NEED in a live video mixer?

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      πŸ˜€ Greatest stand alone equipmt ever, made 1000’s of Band audition vids, weddings of course and all kinds of school and church functions. I wud set customer to think I was going to do ALOT of post edit after I was gone, and I actually shot it all live as best as possible. 2 stationary cams and 1 roving wireless using battery rabbit to transmit. A little primative BUT effective. ANYWAY, not using anymore, corporate job too much, Selling boards if you know of any one.

      1 – MX-1
      1 – TM-2000
      1 – Video Equalizer
      $200.00 per board or best offer

      All in Great shape with documentation and AC adapters


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      HD/SD SDI inputs, component inputs, at least 6 standard inputs plus graphics and anything else. that means 6 cameras/decks, not 4 if i’m using SDI or component or more if i use composite. i don’t want composite, it’s cheap, looks bad and not professional enough.

      abilty to do at least minor effects like PIP or lower thirds, aside from graphics.

      genlock generator

      don’t need built in audio mixer, can buy a decent mackie board or something for that.

      basically take the major features of those high-end expensive switchers and make something affordable and functional for a professional use just on a smaller scale.

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      Abilty to accept multiple varieties of inputs. Specifically


      Small audio mixer (6-8 channels), using XLR inputs

      Variety of outputs (same as above)

      Cost of around $1000

      ok… that was just to funny to pass up.

      Tally lights

      I thought maybe the ability ot stream to the internet like some out there, but a firewire output would work well enough to a server anyway.

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