what do you use to capture audio???

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      normally i use a mini disc but i wanted to know what you all use

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      Usually the on-camera mic. For serious gigs such as interviews, uni-directional radio mic to a tape recorder. And just for backup :), I use my cellphone (which has excellent voice recording capabilities).

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      If you want advice related to recording audio in wedding videography as I’ve understood from your duplicate post here http://www.videomaker.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=2015 then maybe Hank can help better.

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      To record clean audio on my laptop computer, I picked up an analog-to-digital interface box. It allows me to use a good quality condensor mic, connects to the computer via a USB port, and gives me recordings free of the electronic noise that I pick up when jacking directly into the computer’s sound card.

      The unit is a Tascam US-122. I bought mine used on e-Bay for around $80.


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