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      Im looking into purchasing some products for a studio in my community.
      Four products in particular. πŸ™‚
      Adobe Premiere Pro 6.5
      Inscriber Inca CG or CG FX
      Serious Magic’s Ultra 2
      Serious Magics DV Rack.
      I hope to achieve both live and post production through the use of these products.
      Any compatabilty issues about using these products with each other?
      (Not necessarily at the same time mind you)
      What requirements should my PC have to run these products?
      I have two Panasonic AGDVX100AP cameras and hope to implement a full production studio in the most compact form to compliment my cameras.
      Any and all advice is greatly appreciated.
      Ive already purchased the Adobe Video Collection but I want to know about the other products in particular.
      Thanx for any insight given.
      MRBAcgm πŸ™‚

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