What can I use legally,when producing a film with live music

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      I’m working on a documentary for a contest. Basically there is a deadline and I had nothing that fit their criteria or didn’t own 100% of the rights for some of my projects. So I decided to do a short documentary on myself in regards to the stuff I’ve shot over the years. Some of my footage includes
      live bands that I want to include. And some of this stuff is cover tunes.
      My question is, can I use short 10-20 sec. clips and use a release form to cover legalities?

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      Well I’m guessing since you’ve shot these bands in the past that you got a release from them when you did it originally? If so, then you should be ok to use the clips. As far as them singing other peoples music, that would be their problem, IMHO.

      But like compusolver said, be sure to do your homework.

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      I’ve worked on music shows in the past and the only thing the producer ever got was a release from the band…and these were shows that aired on television.

      Of course, this was 15 years ago, and I’m sure laws have changed since then.

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      I’d suggest to use the visuals ( your picture) with other music… try mine.
      There is a ‘Rhythm of time’ song link at http://www.geocities.com/sopera34

      mark @ PEARLCOPPER

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      technically, they can screw you. Likely, the band didn’t get release to do the music, neither did the venue. Definitely, they didn’t get it for recording or distribution. So you recorded a (likely) illegal performance.

      ASCAP probably won’t bother you (I’m also not an attorney) but they COULD

      There are "fair use" clauses that might provide a loophole,and ultimately it’s not for profit but for a contest

      add end credits giving credit to the original producer and label

Viewing 4 reply threads
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