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      I knew this topic would get some replies.
      I am interested in buying a camera that I can use to film high quality videos of archery hunts. I am doing this for personal use but do not want a camera that does not give professional looking results. I know nothing about high end video cameras. I have owned several Best Buy/Wal-mart cameras and am terribly unsatisfied with there video quality. I am, however, very quick to learn and am not against buying a camera that takes a lot of knowledge to use. I want something with good audio input options, great low light video and a manual zoom and focus. Weight is not a real issue. It would also have to be able to change the lens ie. tele/wide lens.
      Any input or help would be great.

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      Get a heavier camera with a shoulder ‘mount’. Being able to rest the camera on your shoulder and look through the viewfinder while shooting will help you get those action shots and keep them stable. If you plan on getting steady shots as well (you probably should), get a good tripod with a good head (make sure they’re both rated to hold your camera weight!). If you can’t afford the tripod and/or don’t need that many stable shots, you can kneel on one knee, bend the other leg at the knee and swing your legs out a bit to turn yourself into a make-shift tripod. Keep the soles of your shoes on the ground so that if needed, you can stand and move quickly (it also stabilizes better than your toes stuck in the ground).

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      Canon XL2. It gets amazing video. The picture is amazing, with loads of customization. It’s shoulder-mount, with optical image stabilization, with plenty of interchangeable lenses. Pretty good lowlight, too – I was able to record a play in a dark theater with very little noise. It has a great shotgun mic on it, with the ability to accept any other mic with 1/8" or XLR connections.

      Find out if this is for you here


      Tells you all about the XL2.

      Good luck! And what’s your price limit?

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      Do not want to waste money but the XL2 is well within what I thought I would pay for this adventure.
      Thanks for the help.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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