What camcorder to get around $350?

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      Currently I record with my Girlfriends old Sony digital camcorder. Sound comes out perfect no matter where we stand, but video is a bit dark.

      I originally had my mind on a JVC Everio flash model. I saw someone on YouTube who shot some footage and I liked it. She replied back to me that she’s happy with the camera.

      Hers is a 2010 model, but I thought I’d look at a 2011 model and settled on the JVC GZ-HM650 because of it’s Super LoLux backlit CMOS censor.

      I am not too concerned that it does not have a mic input, because if I need to fall back on my digital camera for sound I will.

      My real concern is that JVC says the battery is up to 90 minutes, but reviewers say the battery life is under an hour and I don’t see an extended capacity for sale online. My current camera I can record around 1 hour 15 minutes before the low light comes on, so I’d like to be able to record at least that amount.

      If I could find a battery I’d buy the JVC already.

      Any suggestions for a different model or brand?

      – Price range $350 or less.

      – Needs to work in super low light like the JVC would. I will ONLY use this to shoot musicians.

      – Would like it to be flash memory or hard drive. Want to get files into my computer easily.

      – Mic input would be nice, but not a deal breaker.

      – Battery needs to last at least 1 hour 15 minutes. I don’t want to switch batteries during a performance. I want one video shot.

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      For $350, your best bet is a point and shoot digital camera w/video and an external recorder like a Zoom H1. Don’t forget, you’ll need to budget for a small camera bag, extra batteries for the camera (buy generic if you can find them) and a couple of class 4 SD cards.

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