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      I have a toshiba camcorder, its hd and works well for low money it cost but it is slow to focus. I want to film rallycross cars on race track but dont know what i need in a camcorder. I want 3 camcorders so as i can cover nearly all the track as ive been offered some work if it all go’s well. I also do onboard video which is always in 720hd and would like to also mix the onboard video with the exterior stuff too, so what would suit my needs on a low budget, im not after any mad pro stuff, just something to step up from the toshiba and something that i can produce nice video with, i have software etc but if a camcorder doesnt give great footage i can produce great video within reason…………… Really a basic camcorder for fast moving cars

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      I’m not quite sure if I can give a suggestion for a camcorder without knowing your budget but I can give you some features to look for if you will be shooting rally cars.

      First, you’ll want to get a camcorder that can film at high shutter speed rates. This way you won’t get as much motion blur in your video. At the moment, almost every camcorder can shoot at shutter speeds high enough to meet your needs.

      The biggest thing to keep in mind however is your aperture. If you’ll be shooting at high shutter speeds, you won’t be able to get as much light into your camera as you normally would since the shutter is close for so long in the imaging process. As such, you’ll want to make sure the lens on the camcorder can achieve an f-stop of 2.0 or below. This may make the camera more expensive but will allow you to take better video!

      Lastly, you’ll want to make sure that you have multiple frame rates to work with in your camera. When things are moving really fast in video at a slow frame rate (24 fps or lower) the motion can seem really stuttery and distracting. To prevent this, you should try to find a camera that can shoot in 60 or 30 progressive frames. There are actually quite a few cameras below $400 that can shoot at 1920×1080 in 60p so it might not be as expensive as you think. Hopefully that helps!

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      the little toshiba is 30fps and f3.5 – f6.8, it was good for learning on and getting head on footage of cars comming towards me, but id like to improve on quality. I dont really have a budget to be honest, would 500 – 600 get me anything, i really dont know. Could anyone suggest a few camcorders. Thanks for the help, at least now i know some of the basics to look out for………..

      Also im from ireland so i dont know if all camera’s are the same but here is a few local shops that sell camcorders……………might be something decent in one of these shops.

      1 – http://www.argos.ie/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Browse?pp=20&s=Price%3A+High+-+Low&storeId=10152&catalogId=13352&langId=111&c_1=1%7Ccategory_root%7CPhotography%7C14419436&c_2=2%7C14419436%7CCamcorders%2Band%2Baccessories%7C14419485&c_3=3%7Ccat_14419485%7CCamcorders%7C14419490&authToken=

      2 – http://www.connscameras.ie/high-definition-!64-cat.html

      3 – http://www.jessops.com/Directory/catalogue.ashx/categoriesLT;jessops_2/categoriesLT;jessops_2_13?omitxmldecl=yes&xslp_filterType=simple&fh_refview=lister&fh_reffacet=categories&fh_refpath=facet_1&fh_location=%2f%2fjessops%2fen_GB%2fisvisible%3d1%2fcategories%3c%7bjessops_2%7d%2fcategories%3c%7bjessops_2_13%7d&fh_eds=%c3%9f

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