What are the best dv recording tapes, and where do I find them?

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      I cann see in my video, after recording, the quality of the DV taper. Little swivles in the recording bugs me. There has to be an ultimate DV recording tape for 3ccd.

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      What are you recording on, MiniDV? All the brands are pretty good. Camera manufacturers recommend using their brand of tape. For example, use a Panasonic tape in a Panasonic camcorder. If you don’t do that, then always use the same brand of tape at least.

      Your problem may be your heads. Buy some head cleaner.

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      You can buy better grades of tape at BHPhotovideo.com

      Most comments I’ve read online say that once you decide with one brand stick with it,

      otherwise you might have problems.

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      Take a look at these:


      I know a lot of folks swear by the Sony DVM-63HD. They are a bit pricy and since I moved to a hard drive based camera it is no longer an issue for me.

      Butterflyguy is also correct about choosing one tape and sticking with it – See what type of lubrication (wet or dry) your camera manufacturer recommends and go with that.

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