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      Hi! I basically, want to have some fun with my friends, kind of a bonding moment yet a really fun way of doing it, i live in the UK, i live on a street, at the back of my house i have fields, flat fields that lead to fields that go down hills, where theres a pond on one of them and there is also a fairly big forest.

      Anyway, im wanting to do something like “The blair Witch Project” , Yes, we will be out at night, not knowing whats out there, it will be planned out, some people will be going missing etc etc , i think doing some of it in the dark can give us genuine fear, which will make it more realistic in my opinion. Lets say its “The blair witch project” with a modern twist ? Once i’ve done it i will submit it so you guys can take a look!

      I was woundering, what kind of video camera could i use for this ? I live in the UK, so could you look at UK stores ? here is a site were i can get to there store http://www.pcworld.co.uk I would want a video camera were i could put it onto a DVD or transfer it to my laptop and burn it onto a DVD, this way i could edit the film a bit while its on the computer i also want a video camera that as good quality, good sound quality but i also want the people to view the film we make as though you can actually tell were carrying a camera , im thinking the way i hold the camera could help with this, such as walking with it while talking and pointing to people and sometimes turn the camera round on me etc.

      Anyway tell me what you think of the idea and what camera you would recommend me from the site i gave πŸ˜›


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      Checked out the PCWorld UK web site you posted and pretty much any or all of the digital camcorders listed would probably suffice. Sounds like you guys could have a LOT of fun with this. I’d dearly love to do something like that sometime, but most of the people I know, and especially the ones in my age bracket are a bunch of stuffed shirts. Ah, well…

      If I were to pursue what you plan to do, my personal choices would be led by the Canon HV30 (a camera I LOVE to promote), as well as the Canon HF10. Others I saw that I know of people, or friends who have or have used one or the other, include the Sony SR210, SR10E or SR11 and SR12; Panasonic SDRH280; and the JVC HD10EK or HD30EK.

      Look forward to seeing the outcome of your fun production. Keep us informed.

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