What about DVD camcorders?

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      My dad is looking into buying a DVD format camera. WhatI know about this mediummakes me avoid it, so I know nothing about it. I prefer Flash Media, HDD and use MiniDV a little.

      How my dad will use the camera: Shoot somone’s birthday/summer vacations, then open the camera, pop the DVD into a DVD player and go. Given this is all he’ll use it for, DVD is probably the best recording medium.

      Question 1: Does someone happen to know of a great camera, easy to use that does this?

      Question 2: Can you simply take the DVD straight out of the camera into a DVD player? This sounds too simple to me. I’m thinking there’s more to it.

      I’m considering Sonyas the way to go. Thanks in advance! chris

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      well i have a panasonic miniDVD and well you first have to finalize the disc inside the camcorder connected to the electrical outlet…..which takes about 10 to 15 min….thats one catch that manufactures dont mention about their miniDVD camcorders…

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      Oooh. Thanks for the tip! I’ll keep studying too.

      Anything else I should know?

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      I own a Canon HR10 Mini-Dvd Camcorder. It records AVCHD files in the dvd, so i cant play the dvd in a normal dvd player, altough i can play it in a blue-ray player. I never tried to record SD video in the dvd, so with that i can offer no help.

      Second, dvd-RW do NOT require the finalization process, and when i finalize a disc it takes about 2 to 3 minutes…

      Third, if you pretend to do any editing, buy DVD-RW. Here in houston, 10 dvds-R are about $10, while 10 dvds-RW are about $20…In my case, i record the video, move the files to my PC, edit them, make a real dvd with the video, erase the dvd and use it again…it saves me a loooot of money.

      Oh, and mini-dvd only record about 30 min of HD video…i would guess it is something like one hour (?) of SD video…

      Hope i have helped,


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      I like the Canon DC Camcorders, easy, and gets the job done.

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      Nice! Thanks a lot!

      Any more?

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      I was at Best Buy yesterday. I saw a Sony DVD camcorder that had built in flash memory that they said could record up to 8 hours.

      You could also add more Flash with Memory stick.

      And it also had the DVD compartment.


      I thought that was pretty cool.

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      If you are using DVD+R discs, they do not require Finalization. That is one of the perks of +R.

      I have a DVD recording on my TV and a stack of +RW disks. The reason I got them was because I can take them to any DVD player in my house and watch them without finalizing them then stick them back into the recorder to record more shows.

      My friend has a Sony DVD camcorder and the same applies with it. He doesn’t finalize with the +R disks.

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      NICE! Thanks a lot!

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      pretty soon I think everything will be going solid state – maybe next few years as long as the world doesn’t blow up on Dec 21 2012. meanwhile, nothing wrong with tape. you wont have problems capturing dv tape, but there are lots of other secondary formats that just cause grief.

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