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      I’m considering getting a Westcott PhotoBasics uLite 2-Light Green Screen Kit. Does anybody have any experience with the Photo Basics uLite kits, positive or negative?

      I read the Ghetto Lighting thread and found it very interesting, except I have no experience doing carpentry, electrical work, or anything like that. I also don’t have any tools. It seems like, after buying the tools, and making the inevitable mistakes before getting it right, I would end up spending as much as I would just buying a kit.

      The Westcott uLite 2 light kit is a much better deal than buying the components separately, and the green screen kit costs only about $25 more than the basic 2-light kit, which is less than the cost of a green screen.

      I would prefer a 3 light kit, but the third light in their 3-light kit only has a 3′ stand, and that probably won’t work for a separation light. I’d rather have a full-height adjustible stand for more flexibility. So I figured I’d get the 2 light kit and wing the third light for now, until I can afford to spend some more money. (I like the idea of getting one of those silver-sided car window sun shades to use as a reflector.)

      Also, for about $18, you can get a four-socket fluorescent converter that turns the uLite into sort of a low-end Spider light. That’s also appealing to me.

      The kit is about $200, seems to be lightweight and very portable (the softboxes are collapsible), and gets good reviews on B&H and Buzzillions, but I was wondering if anybody here has any experience with it, or has any other recommendations.


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      BTW, has anybody tried using mylar blankets for reflectors? They’re very cheap and it seems like they might work. You can get 12 for $11.50 on Amazon, with free shipping.

      I haven’t tried this, but I’m thinking you could cut them to the size you want and attach them to foamcore board or something like that to give them stiffness. I don’t know how reflective they are, and I also don’t know if you can crumple them to diffuse the reflected light, but I might order some and try this out.

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      You can do the same thing with aluminum foil. However, the reflective sunshades you put in car windows are more durable. The foamcore/mylar setup would be lighter but if anything brushed against the mylar surface it would tear it easily. I’ve got a 14 year-old sunshade (red/silver) that if it’s not in the car window, I’ll use it on set. It’s taken a beating and is still usable. I think I might have paid $7 for it.

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      OT (close but no cigar): The very first accessory I bought (once upon a time) was a foldable silver reflector from Videomaker – Actually it was free with the purchase of two of their DVD’s at a trade show.

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      Thanks, composite1; I’ll definitely get a car sun shade then, and forget the mylar/foamcore project.

      I ordered the uLite kit today. I’ll let you know how it works out.

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