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      A friend of mine showed me this great indie the other day.its called How to Live With a Vegan Without Killing Them. Its basically about a meat eater, Scott, whose vegan girlfriend, Andrea, moves in with him, causing hilarious stress for both. One day, Scott runs into his ex who he truly loves. Meanwhile, Andrea falls for the charming vegetarian coffee shop guy. Its a cute romantic comedy with jabs and jokes about both meat eaters and veggie lovers alike.

      The film is very well shot for a low budget ($15,000) film. Its got some good examples of lighting, location shooting, coverage, and editing. According to the filmmakers, it was shot on a Sony DXC35WS, allowing a 15:1 shooting ratio not otherwise afforded shooting on film. Its a great example of how one should shoot a feature length video on a budget.

      You can watch the trailer for the movie here: http://www.bside.com/films/howtolivewithaveganwithoutkillingthem . If you like it, the site allows you to download the film DRM free (either $2.99 or $7.99) or buy the DVD. Check it out and let me know if you liked it as much as I did.

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      Hi Thurbs,

      The good news is that you are probably right, that your friends have made a nifty independent film, which means compelling story and solid production values (audio, camerawork, etc.) So, a way to go may be in order.

      The bad news is that you sure in heck cant tell from the trailer. Trailers need to be simple, coherent, and convey some crisp info and excitement about the film. (Crisp, like a salad maybe)

      For me at least, your write-up makes me more excited about the film than the trailer, by far. But for your explanation, I would have been totally lost about this film. Seems to be about moving into an apt and friends doing gee whiz lines at each other. Conflict about a vegan rooming with a meat eater, was there any visual info on this at all, the basic premise/conceit/humorous situation about the film. (Cleaning out the fridge; was that it; everything in the fridge was in Chinese take out boxes. You couldnt see any food!!!) People in this trailer dont eat; they drink in a bar and drink on the floor at the apt.

      There is a soap oprah feel to the trailer. So many characters; this is confusing. If this were a trailer for the next episode of a series, where the characters were familiar, the cursoriness/fast-forward-speed-nature of character walk ons and walk offs might not be so wearying.

      I enjoyed the opening animation of the trailer; very cool, got my attention and I was looking forward to the ride. Oh Well

      To put the above in perspective, I am not an expert in this area! (Always consider the source, eh?) I have watched this trailer 4 times, to really try to appreciate it. Several years ago, I cut preview edits or teasers for about 70 films that I reviewed on camera for a local TV show. Two weekends ago, I spent $120 for a 5-hour workshop on how to edit and re-edit various types of trailers for documentary films. I learned a lot and the teacher was a world class expert on the subject.

      If you attend one of her workshops, she has been known to provide advisories on trailers for free. She is conducting a workshop in the San Fran area June 9 and 10. Her website is:


      Hope to see this film on the big screen someday.


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