Weird warning.

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      I’m getting a warning from Google that this site has malware and may harm my computer.

      running Safari on a mac….

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      Similar here with Win 7 Pro.

      Norton states it’s blocked an attack onmy computer when I navigate my IE to the forum site.

      Used to be able to use the back key to return to the forum list after reading a thread and that does not work now.

      When I hit the back key I get a message in the bottom status bar

      Waiting for “…”

      Used to it stating that it was waiting for

      Virus and malware scans claim nothing is on my PC.

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      Curious – I run McAfee and AdAware under XP Pro and FireFox and have never had a problem here.

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      Don’t mean to break it to ya,but the problem of these interferences is either:

      1. Two or more security systems are interfering with one another. If you’ve got something else that has a Firewall, turn off the Windows Firewall.

      2. One of the security software licenses is actually a scam, and therefore, could be a some spyware, or, another virus.


      3. The security software is a virus. If it’s free and unpopular, that kind of gives it away. Run SpyBot

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      And how does that explain that it started happening today, at least with me, and why the back button doesn’t seem to work on this web-page? Even ran updates on it today with now change.

      Doing a little looking around, It looks like there might be an ad format or something that iscausing this.

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      That’s possible, but maybe the virus just now entered your computer. If it’s the Explorer 8version that Windows 7 is using, I’d think it would behave in the same way as it does on Windows XP with IE8 installed.

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      Good to know…..

      I have always subscribed to the notion that windoze is malware.

      I panicked at the thought that your site was attempting to install windoze on my mac.


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      Ditto. Today is the first day in a week i haven’t gotten the warning.

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