Weird CPU/Socket spec question.

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      I’m tyring to find Xeon CPU’s for my mobo. The Tyan specs say that the socket is a mPGA604 ZIF but I keep seeing PPGA chips. Rarely running across mPGA chips or it might justy say PGA. Are these chips compatible with the socket? I’m trying to get a clear understanding before I buy the chips. πŸ˜•

      Xeon Chip 1

      Xeon Chip 2


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      Well, I found out that the mPGA is is a “micro” pin setup and that the PPGA is “plastic” But still nothing about if they are compatible in the the same board. πŸ˜•

      And then I saw “FC-PGA” today. Stop the madness!!! }:-)

      Oh! The “U” (1U, 2 U) in the label for some of the chips. That’s for rack mounts, right?

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      … Intel madness…
      AMD reached 25 % share of the market and going up… they respect their buyers.

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