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      I’m attempting to convert some VHS tapes to DVD and I’m having a problem that has me stumped. The VCR I am using to play the taps is a RCA VR706HF – it’s a 4 head HiFi VCR. My first attempt was to the VCR to my Datavideo DAC-100 video converter which was then connected to my computer thru a firewire card, and I was using Ulead Video Studio 11 to do the capturing in AVI format. The video and audio were coming through perfectly in the capture preview window prior to hitting the “begin capture” button. As soon I pressed this button the video became horribly choppy – almost like stop motion. The video would freeze for a couple of seconds then move a couple frames, freeze some more, etc. And the audio was doing the same. I was hoping it was just the preview and not the actual recording – but it wasn’t.

      If I changed the format to MPEG everything came out fine. If I was just burning these right to DVD I wouldn’t have a problem but I would like to do some editing (especially to the long wedding videos) so I would prefer everything in AVI if possible. Thinking it was a software problem I tried using Nero Vision, Windows Moviemaker, and VirtualDub to capture but they all came through with the same results. So I looked towards the hardware and changed the setup. This time I tried using a Digital Camcorder as a pass through instead of the video converter. Same results with all the different software packages.

      The only thing I haven’t changed is the VCR but since it plays fine while not capturing I didn’t think that’s where the problem is. I’ve done alot of research on this but haven’t come up with any solutions.

      Any thoughts, suggestions, or ideas? If there’s any further details I could provide to help with the solution please let me know.

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      there are many factors that can cause this issue, but at first glance I would suspect that you are trying to capture the files to your system drive making your computer work overtime. You need to capture your files to a “physical” drive that is separate from your system drive. Make sure that the drive is formatted properly (if your drive is formatted as FAT32, you will get files in chunks of maximum 4 gig, If the drive is NTFS, and it should be, then you will get full files, i.e. 1 hour of video is approximatly 13 gigs of microsoft avi file type)

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      That is a good thought but I am actually capturing to an external Seagate FreeAgent drive with 400 GB of free space. Could it be the fact that it’s external be causing a problem?

      Another thing isI don’t understand whywhen the software is configured to capture in MPEG format both the preview and capture of the video are fine. It’s only when I change the format to DV_AVI that is gets all choppy and messed up.

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      hmmm… you are correct to want to capture dv-avi and not mpeg. Take a look at a program called scenalyzer, I know there is a freeware version on their website as well as a new version, don’t know what that costs. Use that to capture and report back results. I don’t think the drive is causing the issue…

Viewing 3 reply threads
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