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      I was catching up on my newspapers this morning and was reading an article about how to save money on your wedding. One of the suggestions was instead of hiring someone to do video to use a service called wedit. This was the first time I had heard of this service but the concept is they send you 5 hd flip cameras and you hand them to guests to use. You send them back and they edit.

      On the pricing page they of course have different packages. On their top package $799 you get a highlight video with the song of your choice. I wonder if they have rights for that or maybe it is just a choice off of their list.

      Anyway the concept is interesting but you could end up with a load of c… for your wedding video and still have spent several hundred dollars.

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      I would love to see reception footage with those…

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      On second thought you could probably set up a similar service to compliment your own business and do multiple weddings per week. Editing with that footage would in theory be much easier as all the fancy color correction and effects you would do would be hardly expected with such footage. And they cannot come back to you on how bad the footage turned out!

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      we offer something similar. we rent a dj system with a d-slr and video camera and video projector….

      your guests can use thier own cameras (plus our wi-fi dslr) and it all goes together for a photo/video/vj party at the reception… it is perfect for smaller gatherings…

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      Well it seems Flip is about to be gone for good, although current stock will still be for sale. Are there any other comparable cameras out there anyone would suggest? I like the videos from GoPros from what I have seen, but this line seems to be aimed more towards the “wearable” crowd.

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      First time that I see smth similar – well, certainly this would allow to reduce costs at the final instance, but what’s about the quality of such a video ?

      Even if post-optimized afterward, I would not go for this solution if the quality would be of importance for me.

      I think the same is already recognized for photos – even though everybody has it own photo camera, services of skilled photographers are still highly required, even though such services do cost.

      I think, in the long term, the same approach would apply with videos, especially with marriage ones.

      Best regards,

      photographe mariage Luxembourg

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      The problem with high quality wedding videographers is we are usually one of the first cut from the list, if we ever made it at all. Usually this is due to budgets, or simply just not being recognized as a traditional wedding option at this time.

      While I 100% agree that a grand, professionally shot and edited wedding day by an experienced videographer is definitely ideal, and something every bride should have, it is not reality. I think this type of option helps fill that void. Even though it won’t make you rich (that is still a lot of work and risk involved to make $800), it could be supplemental income for the ambitious, and help spread the word that videography in any form is something not to be excluded from a wedding day.

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      Interesting concept. It depends on how soon they can get the usable footage categorized for the client to view and edit. If it’s easy for the client to edit and quickly post on the social networks, many people may go for it. When we did weddings, we could not compete with cheap because we wanted to produce a professional video. We all know we can’t compete with the “do it yourselfers”. That’s a whole different category. This kinda gives the buyer a type of ownership like they did it themselves and had help from their closes friends who may know more what the Bride and Groom want than the local videographer. I’ve seen instant cameras on tables at weddings for everyone to take pictures. What ever happened to those?

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