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      I was wondering if anyone has used or had success with sites such as this?

      Im personally looking to find ways to start advertising my services and getting work through that, what are some ways you all have used successfully?


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      @Tyler – Do a search for posts from EarlC – He has had some wonderful suggestions for marketing yourself.

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      Well, that can be tricky but i think that’s a good business provided you have the right people. For a website to work, considering you have web designer and builders already and the site is already built, you have to have a SEO specialists for marketing your site. You can hire writers as well and create a blog for your clients to be connected and informed to. You can also invest in videos and upload it in youtube. Videos that market your business. You might want to coordinate with your SEO specialist so that your video would be viewed and be successful. Well, im taking about online marketing. The hardest part really with the business is getting your clients trust.

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      If it’s weddings you want, participate in some area bridal fairs. List your services with the bounty of free wedding and bridal listings (search via Google). When participating in bridal fairs, make full use of the mailing list they usually provide their vendors, compiled from those who attend. The lists aren’t always accurate or good as many will use false information for whatever reason, or temporary e-mail addresses, etc. While they want to attend the bridal fairs it appears attendees often don’t want to be pestered, bothered or flooded with vendors seeking a piece of their budget dollars. They want to look, check it out onsite and win something, but not much beyond that.

      However, a good presence at these shows, with good samples and some kind of giveaway, using forms you set up to have them fill out at your booth for a drawing or whatever, will usually get you better names/addresses and often an opportunity to talk to the interested couples or brides and their friends, often their Moms.

      For everything else there’s direct-mail marketing with postcards. Determine what you want to promote: event videography, montage production, small business website video, youth sports, etc. and design and mail out small batches of them to residential addresses or area small businesses.

      Another thing about websites is that you can spend a boatload of money on the things Andrew mentions: web designer, web developers, search engine optimization (SEO) specialists, writers, et al, but that’s not going to DRIVE traffic to your site, get you consistently on the first page of Google or other search engines, or even attract potential visitors unless you engage in a direct-mail campaign, use your website URL on all your marketing materials such as business cards, direct-mail letters, even t-shirts you walk around in to get the word out about the existence of your website.

      With direct mail, in small or huge mailouts, you reach the numbers needed to drive traffic to your website. With the website alone, you have to depend on people to find you and that is where the SEO benefits come in. However, there’s no need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to develop websites. Something as simple as a $50 investment in an online training series for utilizing WordPress, investing in a few templates for use with WP, and utilizing the SEO options WP programs out there offer, will get you the kind of website you need to realize potential and effective marketing.

      Take a few minutes to peruse my video marketing and production blog at E.C. Come, E.C. Go and you might find marketing ideas or even production approaches that appeal to your business senses. Find a niche that, unlike wedding video production, isn’t saturated or might, in fact, be under served … funeral video production, memorial montage production or a host of other options that don’t have the huge number of independent video services providers all fighting over the same small wedge of video business pie.

      Last, but not least, sign up for LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, as well as other social sites and hawk your services, your products and samples of your work. Start the blog, mentioned by Andrew, and share productions you have done, both on YouTube and Vimeo, as well as FB and your blog. Engage your clients, talk about them, brag about them and mention them, using links and link exchanges with others in the business as well as your clients to encourage viral interaction.

      Never, ever pass up an opportunity to tell somebody, anybody, what you do, how much you love it and your plans for your future as a video production service provider. And ALWAYS have decent quality business cards with you. Pass them out at EVERY opportunity. They work.

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