Wedding videos and copyrighted music

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      Thank goodness I have found you. I so desperately have been looking for a group of real life professionals that can help clear some questions that I have regarding what is and what is not “the law” regardingfilm making.
      Last year westarted on a business venturemaking wedding videos.
      And everything that we could find regarding information on using popular, radio playedmusichas led me to the understanding that it’s illegal.
      So we have since found a great website that sells music that is made by artists, they sell it to you precisely for this reason. Neat stuff… all broken down into categories, etc.(yes, I’m not telling you something new LOL)
      Anyway, my question is this… all of the competition in the area, including a fairly large company all use music that I thought was “off limits”

      Is there a way to sell wedding videos with mainstream music on them and keeping it within the law?

      Please help, I feel we get overlooked because we aren’t tugging at heartstrings with ‘Wonderful Tonight’.
      Thank you for ANY knowledge!

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