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      Hi everyone,

      I’m primarily a still wedding photographer, but have done some wedding video on occasion. I really like shooting and editing video. Seems like the next logical step after shooting images that don’t move. I have thought about making movies and music videos and commercials (I have a couple of commercials in mind for the limo company I work for).

      I do some work for another wedding studio (primarily stills, but some video). At one time I was going to eventually take over the studio for the owner who wanted to retire, but because of philosophical differences between us, it most likely won’t happen. He has asked me to shoot video for him on occasion over the years and I have enjoyed it. He was using Sony Hi-8 cameras and had a hodge-podge of decks and mixers and title makers, etc. He says he could edit a one or two camera shoot in ten hours without anything fancy. Fifteen if he got creative. Then I convinced him to go digital. We got a Canon XL1 and a dual G4 Mac w/2GB of ram and a 750 GB hard drive space(4 drives) and FCP 3.2. I just recently shot a video and have started editing it. I have spent over 10 hours just capturing to hard drive. Log a few clips and batch capture…..

      I guess my questions are these:

      How long should it take to edit a one to one-and-a-half hour final video (using three hours of tape from two cameras)?

      And the BIGGIE:

      What should this cost??!! His video coverage starts at $895 for a one camera shoot with minimal editing (don’t recall what it goes up to). He plans on paying me $600 to shoot and edit it. He wants to make this a business to go along with his other wedding photography. I was talking to a friend that used to do wedding video. He said he would take about 40 hours to edit his videos. This included the time it would take to watch the video to see what he had. If you take that time plus the up to 10-12 hours to shoot it, the phone calls to brides to book and then show the final, etc., that’s a ton of time. If it’s a total of 60 hours (just for the sake of argument) that $600 translates to $10 per hour. I’d almost rather work at Walmart and not have the responsibility of possibly messing someone’s wedding for that money. I don’t shoot enough weddings (video, anyway) to be a fast and efficient editor and I probably don’t shoot properly either (at least with editing in mind). But can I shave about of that time off to make $600 not insult me so much? He thinks that gee, you weren’t doing anything anyway, so here’s a chance to make a couple of hundred bucks that you wouldn’t have made. His scale has too few zeros for my tastes.

      Any help will be appreciated.

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      aight dave,

      this isn’t going to sound good but if you suck it up for a little while, it will pay dividends.

      you should work with this guy temporarily. shoot weddings for him, edit them and get better. then, a year from now, leave him and start your own company. by then you’ll have samples of your work plus you can say that you have experience. when me and my partner started we did weddings dirt cheap, we did one for $150 bucks! and that was with 2 cameras. i have invested about $6000 in equipment to shoot weddings and it is paying for itself. we still don’t charge enough but our business is growing and our name is getting out there. we’ve got 2 referrals coming up in august and that’s the best kind of advertising you could ever ask for.

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      my partner and i actually have full time regualr jobs and we shoot weddings and other things on the side to make a little extra cash. we advertise in a bridal book locally and just recently put our name in yellow book. we haven’t yet went to bridal shops but we have talked about it ALOT! we just haven’t acted yet. we were thinking of a referral fee for the bridal shops, something along the lines of $50. i hear that bridal shops will let you put your material in their shops pretty much hassle free.

      the bridal book we advertise in also has a website and i think that has helped get business from out-of-towners. it’s about $700 a year to advertise with them<——that’s steep in my opinion but we’re getting hits!

      what other means of advertising have you done besides getting ready to hit chapels and bridal shops?

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      nice website……we’d like to do more events but our full-time jobs get in the way. if not for the benefits i’d probably freelance. we’ve thought about doing HS graduations. some schools in our area don’t have a videographer for their graduation. i was watching some guy in front of me at my bro-in-laws graduation and the shaky video was painful to watch on his LCD screen. we’re going to hit a few of the local schools in the fall when school starts back.

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