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      Some feedback would be appreciated.

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      With this video, I thee wed. Starts off good but not using a tripod comes across as amateur. Video isn’t supposed to rotate. Why is a lot of it in black and white? Throwing away all that color is like shooting the sunrise in black and white. I met a goof who actually did this but I know I saw color there somewhere. Bring back the color.

      [Boy…I’ll bet this industry is reeeeeeeally hurting. It’s filled with pitfalls and “must-get” shots which are probably missed all the time. Of course, the lucky couple doesn’t know good from bad so they think anything is great….a “saving grace” as it were.]

      Old Irish proverb…If you can see the top of the mountain, it will rain tomorrow. If you can’t see the top, it’s raining now.

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      I would suggest getting a decent wirless lav mic. Sennheiser’s Evolution G2 mics really stepped my game up a notch. Mic the groom, and he and the bride will be louder and more clear than the minister was in your video.

      Other than that I have to agree with zoobie on the color. Do like the Wizard Of Oz, colorize it. If you are going to do black and white, I suggest increased contrast.

      I do like the way you blended the music with the minister talking. Is this a “Highlight Reel” type thing that is included in your wedding video package?

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      Along the lines of the previous posters – If you want Black & White keep it to a minimum (like maybe one or two short clips to make them stand out or fade from B&W to color) – If you really like the B&W looks, perhaps just allow one color (like red or blue) to show in the B&W image.

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      there is no set formula or template for wedding videos..find your style and improve on it ..if we made all wedding videos the same way as some experts suggest we follow , that will be pretty dull and boring..Imagine all those great wedding cinematographers from the 80’s and 90’ssuggesting that new age editing and shooting is not fundamentally sound?


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      I would echo the comments made about using less black & white and getting a good wireless lav mic.

      I personally like a nice black and white shot every now and again. All the same, what makes b&w so cool is that it’s something few and far between. If you really like b&w (and the bride does too), you can shoot the whole video in b&w, or you can do a sort of “Wizard of Oz” style: Start in B&W, go to color on a dramatic shot (a reveal shot of the couple at the altar, etc), and go back to b&w at the very end, maybe on an exit shot or on a kiss during dancing.

      I love overdubbing the audio like you did, but I hate all that reverb in the voices. I have enough mics, either wireless lav mics or wired mics, that I can give a microphone to every speaker and instrument at the wedding. It’s a lot of expense, I know, but most pro filmmakers agree that audio is 51% of a film.

      Aside from that, I thought it was great. I liked your shots and composition. All in all, it was great.


      I thought all your shots were great, but about twice as fast as how I’d have shot them. But you know, if the brides like it and it works for you, keep it up.

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      We try to get them sooo dizzy that it clouds their judgment !! hahahaha! just really depends on what type of music they choose for their highlights…we also do slow music edits but i think it generates a different vibe if the songs are faster and more upbeat ..this reflects more on the music taste of the newlyweds…


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      Thanks for all the feedback.This is a wedding highlight,that I put on the end of the dvd.

      The brides that I have done this for really liked it,I guess that what really matters.

      It just that I’m trying something a bit different.

      Firstly a note to Zoobie

      IMO you cant do all a wedding on a tripod. I couldnt work like that.You need to move around to get all the shots during a catholic wedding. During the lighting of the candles if the bride & groom is facing the altar ,you cant just take your tripod with you.I would say 80% of the church would be on a tripod, the rest on the shoulder.


      Thanks for the feedback. Apprerciated.


      Thanks for that,I must look into how to just allow one color, I use premier pro 1.5 so if anyone has tips please let me know.


      Thanks for having a look,I appreciate what you said.

      “there is no set formula or template for wedding videos..find your
      style and improve on it ..if we made all wedding videos the same way as
      some experts suggest we follow , that will be pretty dull and boring..”

      Very true. And very well said. As said the brides seem to like it.Did anyone notice in the clip that when the priest blew on the candles they lit.Anyone!!!!!??? If you didnt ,look again.


      Thanks for looking, Im looking into putting a mic on the groom.

      “Is this a “Highlight Reel” type thing that is included in your wedding video package?”

      Yes it is .

      Just a note to say thanks to everyone ,and look forward to more posts.Pat

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      Thanks for posting your video, that is couragous, I guess, in a community like this. But also smart, constructive criticism is good.

      00:00-00:09: Voice competing with background music (lower it if you really must use it). I am unable to hear all of the exact words being spoken but I should mention that English isn’t my primary language.
      00:09-00:14: Camera not properly levelled. It can be adjusted in postproduction by rotating the clip CCW about one or two degrees (and then cropping it).
      00:15-00:20: Nice touch, you should keep the last flower one or two seconds longer. The picture is dissolving too fast. Refocusing between flowers a bit too slow.
      00:20-00:24: Too much asfalt.
      00:57: Push that photographer away, video is more important! Kidding…(or am I?) 🙂
      01:03: OMG, the church looks empty.
      1:13: Good angle.
      1:23: Good closeup.
      01:29: Good.
      01:40: Good angle.
      01:50: Good angle and composition with crowd in background.
      02:30: Camera not levelled. It seems like the couple is going downwards. I hate to think of the symbolical effect.
      02:47: Good cut and closeup.
      02:53: Good to catch that expression.
      03:16: Good position.
      03:41-03:49: You’re going closer to the objects and then you cut and start the movement anwew towards them. You cut the flow, and it seems repetitive.

      Maybe not use vocal music when a person is speaking on top of the music. Who should we listen to? Two different voices are competing about one’s attention.

      I don’t think this was a proper place to be using black and white as we would’ve more fully enjoyed a color version. But it’s a creative decision
      that ultimately is yours.

      Overall a good job with potential for improvement.

      Someone called for a tripod. I disagree. I don’t see any problem there. I think you doing handheld is not a problem, but you could have closer cuts and watch better out for the levelling. In order to be smooth and discreet in a church you can’t always be dragging your tripod around. Right? Oh, now I see you’ve commented on that. It seems you’re with me on that one. 🙂

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      my take on your highlight reel will focus primarily on audio. others have mentioned the competing audio tracks, and I agree, but also, try to make the vocals the same level so that they are clear and constant. There were instances where the vocals were too soft above the music and there was at least one vocal that really popped out above the music. even it out for a more polished piece.

      I agree that you have to be able to get the shots, but IMO, you also should not be distracting during the ceremony. Most of the time, I will get comments from brides, grooms or family members that say “wow, you did a great job and I didn’t even notice that you were there”. I have always strived on getting good static setups in key locations to capture the ceremony, that’s why it’s so important to go to the rehearsal and plan your shoot.

      Hope that my comments are useful to you, I wish you continued success in your endeavors.


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