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      Well, as always I am trying to justify my purchases a few yeras out best as possible. I have been a wedding photographer for about 15 years and Video about 10 years. My thoughts are why cant we shoot video and pull frames from it to print out photos for the Bride & Groom? Are we not quite there yet resolution wize? I am gearing up for a sony nx5 vdeo cam and it would be nice to offer both as I am limited to two hands. Not to mention I also do DJ..Thats another whole subject.. πŸ™‚


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      There are many ways to do that.

      1) you can geta video converter.

      try this one:

      2) You can buy a printer capable of running movie to still software

      try this one: It runs Full HD Movie Print software

      there are other ways as well but this seem to be the cheapest and the easiest

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      Will play back ANY video format. As the file is playing you can alter the play back speed (turn volume off unless you like thechipmunksor scary deep long voices) Anyway when you find the frame you want pause it and take a videosnapshot. The menu at the top allows you to alter the setting of the snapshot etc. You also do not have to pause it, you can takesnapshotson the fly, they will be in focus. The snaps of VLC are only as good as the video footage. Your footage bad you snap bad, you footage good you snap good. I have been using snaps of my footage for stills from VLC for years and no one is the wiser. In fact I have been asked how on Earth I got some of the shots. Never tell as the raven said. (I hate that story scars me). After you get your snaps pull them into a photo editor to fix anything you think needs fixing. I use Picasa if it is an easy fix because Picasa is fast and easy. but for the more complicated fixes I use Corel Paint Shop Pro.

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      I do have cs5 and I can pull frames from the timeline but they are only 720×480 and a nice 8x10wedding print will need way more resolution than that..even for a photoshop master I dont think we are quite there yet…but someday. Second issue..why is my HD video 1080 only 720 on the timeline? I need to look into this?


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      Print labs have a minimum resolution requirement. is one that has a low min. of 100 PPI.

      That means a 1920×1080 could be printed 19″ x 10″ A 720 x 480 can be printed 7″ x 4″ Of course these are not standard sizes for print so a crop would be needed.

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      To justify your investment you must use the right technique:

      Either you shoot photo using yourcamcoder and set it to maximum quality in HD format you can reach 4860 x 3072 pixels or from the timeline extract a frame your quality drop to 1920 x 1080 dpi in HD. Now with any photo software check photo size and photo dpi your dpi can be 72, 96 or 120 dpi.

      A good printneed 300 dpi (commercial printer) versus 100 to 150 dpi for a common inkjet printer.

      How to calculate the maximum size:

      Pixel size divided by 300 = maximum size for 4860 / 300= 16 inches and 3072 / 300 = 10 inches if I use camcoder as a common digital camera I can generate a good print 16 x 10

      Same philosophy for the time line extracted picture:

      1920 x 1080 1920/300 = 6 inches 1080/300 = 3.6 inches this is the format 6 x 4 that means I can generate a good 6x 4 print

      How to generate quality if you start with something low in qualitylike a sixe 6 x 4 to blow up 16 x 10.

      Specialized software have algorithm to increase the size call (Interpolation) the hint is easy to understand you use the alogorithm to increase the size 4 times and use the algorith to decrease the size 2 times that means you obtain a picture twice bigger than the original.

      Where the quality come from?

      Software alogorithm create intermediate pixel between two adjacent pixel this avoid big pixel or big square. This like a small blur and reducing the size the blur dissappear.

      Naturally nothing can replace a high quality standard negative or a $10,000 digital camera, remember the old way the reason to usea cameraover 35mm is 2-1/4 x2-1/4 or the 4x 5 camera sometime bigger.



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      Actually, a good commercial printer is going to be way more than 300 DPI (The Epson R300 prints at up to 5760 x 1440 DPI).

      An HD capture is going to be, at best 1920 X 1080 – Roughly equivalent of a 2 megapixel photo, which should not be used for printing more than a 4″ X 5″ photo with any hopes of a decent product.

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      Respectfully, you Can print an 8″x10″ from a 1920×1080 video and get good quality. To prove this I just did it using Final Cut Pro and Lightroom3

      In FCP: File > Export > Quicktime Conversion > Format = Still Image, Options = TIFF

      TIFF is an important step, this is the largest file format available in FCP, jpeg will result in a smaller file

      hit the second Options button, Options = Millions of colors, Compression = None

      The Result was a .TIFF file 1920 x 1080 and the size was 8.3MB

      I imported this into Lightroom3, applied noise reduction, sharpening and clarity.

      I printed it on my Epson Pro 3800 on 8×10 paper.

      I’ll agree that it’s not the quality of my Nikon D3s, but it’s was acceptable to my wife, she wants to keep it.

      Here’s the print

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      I should add that the noise reduction and sharpening in Lightroom3 were important steps. The image looked a little pixelated before that.

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      This is pushing the limit but he’s an 11′ x 14″ print from the Epson 3800.

      The video camera is a Sony HDR-CX520V. I’d be interested to one from a professional video camera with a much better lens.

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      The technical issuesaside, I wonder how hard it would be to convince a bride that you can produce great still images while videoing her biggest day. I would say that almost all brides want great phots of the wedding but not every bride is interested in video. Perhaps the direction to go would be to offer the video as an add-on to your shooting stills of the wedding. Your actual procedure of shooting video and extracting stillswould be the samebut your marketing would stress the still photo aspect, IMHO.

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      You can print whatever you want – It all depends on what your standards are quality wise and how much time you are willing to put into making something better.

      I have shot digital since 1995 (@ 320 X 240 then, up to 10 MPx which is what I shoot now). I have also shot film (since 1960) on 126, 127, 110, 35mm & 4X5 (I still love film and miss my old Crown Graphic).

      I have printed photos of a lesser resolution than they should have been – I wanted that 4X6, 5X7 or 8X10 even though I knew they would be less than optimal, because I only had a low res file and wanted the photo anyway.

      One trick to making a smaller resolution file print better is also to gradually grow it in your photo editing software – Instead of doubling the image resolution, try bumping it up 5-10% at a time using multiple steps – This makes it easier for your program to interpolate what needs to be created and gives you an overall better image than one done in one fell swoop.

      If you’re happy with 8X10’s from 2MPx files, great – I would not deliver a wedding album built from them.

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      You’re right. These are not anywhere near wedding album quality and I would not try to seel them.

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