Wedding post-production

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      Hi colleagues!

      I make a little demo of things I can do with raw video and wedding photo.
      ( link

      And I want to know: can it be interesting for wedding videographers? I can do a lot of such work (+ normal video editing of course).

      Also I want to say that we create an outsourcing post-production studio and soon we will be able to produce a lot of such works and edit a lot of your videos with hi-level quality and nice price. So, if have some works to do – please PM me.


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      I don’t normally post to say I like things, but some of those were really nice pieces of work – I thought them very well put together!

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      Very nice compositing Andrew. I might be able to use your skills in upcoming productions. Do you have hourly rates or work on a per-project basis? Are you using After Effects?

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      Hmm. I see the videomaker have been updated last night. It's Ok, but during updating something bad was happened and this thread have lost some messages and even members.)))   
         I'm topicstarter of this thread and I was a register member, but  my account disappeared during updating forum , so I have to create new one.
      And one more – many thanks to those colleagues, who wrote in this thread. I have read your messages and start to answer when all disappear. 
      Thanks to you all.
      Now I'm with you again and I am open for discussion.
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      thats actually some decent compositing work, there were just a few points where some tweaking would make it look more realistic, but other then that good compositing, good choice of sound,

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