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      What kind of Mic is everyone using to shoot a weddings? Obviously I want the best sound, but I don’t want to be a distraction walking around the church with my own sound crew


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      I like to use the Schriber Acoustic SA-568 on camera shotgun mic. It has a dual pickup pattern so it works great at both close range and long range. I got this mic plus a hard case, soft case, windscreen, and cables for around $120.

      Hope this helps

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      I have another question. If the microphone is mounted to my camera i need to face whoever I’m shooting in order to get sound. What if while the priest is reading the wedding ceremony I want to take a shot of the bride and groom, or their parents. I’ll loose sound quality. I see you can stick the microphone on a mic stand. However, where do I plug it in to get the audio recorded. What do i need to purchase

      If the microphone is on a stand I can record the sound of the main wedding parties while having the freedom to move about the church floor.

      Is there a way to mount the camera and send it wirelessly to the camera. That way the audio and video are recorded on the same tape? Eliminating the need to since up the video and udio tracks


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      When I was shooting weddings a few years ago, I would use a wireless mic on one camera (WITH FRESH BATTERIES), usually hidden inside the lapel of the groom, or officiant if the officiant is willing. Secondly, I would use a good shotgun mic on the stationary camera in the front of the church for backup and sometimes as an ambient mix becuase sometimes the wireless mic is muffled from the position on the person wearing it.

      I would also suggest attending the rehearsal to ask questions about mic use and camera placement and to inform the participants of these issues before hand.

      Best of luck in your shoots.


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