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      As in process designing my first wedding DVD label, I’ve come to obstacle to determine what contentbeyondbride and groom’s names, date and location should go as well on the label. Also anyone knows a site that sells elegant weddingbackgrounds for DVD labels?Any input greatly appreciated.

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      You really don’t want to put a stick-on label on a DVD. At minimum, they throw off the balance of the DVD and can make it not play right. At worse, they can start to peel up and jam the DVD in a slot-loading player (like on a computer). Seen it happen, and it’s really hard to get the DVD out of the drive. Use inkjet-printable DVDs and get an inkjet printer that has a CD/DVD tray.

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       KireZ, I agree with smhontz. Use hub printable DVDs (also Blu-ray). i needed a new printer so I purchased an Epson Artisan 725 which does a great job. It comes with some templates to use or you can add a picture with text, etc. If you check through the past posts on this forum, you will find a number of discussions about this topic including suggestions for printers and disc materials. I have found the results to give a professional look to your video. Keep shooting.

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      Artisan 725 as well. Incredible disc printer. Add a CISS and print cheap for life! I just use a snapshot of something from the day blown up on the CD cover with some fancy titling – Names, Date. I personally think the location is a bit much for the label – but that is me – kind of a minimalist, and the couples love it. Then I just blur the edges and VOILLA!

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      You don’t have too spend a lot of money for a printer that will print impressive inkjetlabelson printable DVDs or Blueray disks, for short runs. I have an Epson Photo T50 which I keep almost exclusively for printing on disks.

      Bundled with the Epsonprinters is CD Print, software to layout the disk label material. I often capture a frame from the video, adjust it in Photoshop if necessary and use that as the background then add the minimum amount of text necessary to put on the disk.

      I also print a cover for the box which can have all the additional material on it.


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      Use a picture of the bride and groom from the wedding video for the front of the disc. It personalizes the disc and reveals what’s inside. You can use the same picture for a case insert although you don’t really need this; the picture on the DVD becomes all the artwork necessary if you put the disc into a transparent case — i.e., clear front, black back.

      The most important item to go on your DVD labels is your company name, phone number and web site URL down at the bottom of the disc. It can be in 10pt type so it’s unobtrusive, but make sure it’s readable and on every DVD that goes out of your shop. It’s the least expensive and most targeted advertising you can get.


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      I also use an epson artisan printer with good results. I’ve paired it with Surething cd/dvd labeling software which is relatively inexpensive. Comes with a ton of background artwork.

      One thing you will want to do is coordinate theDVD label and the case insert so you get a professional look. One of my favorites that I have done is used some of the artwork from my digital juice graphics of wedding rings with an overlay of a picture of the couple.

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      Less is definitely more effective when it comes to DVD labels. The names of the bride and groom and the date are the most relevant info. Jack made a great point regarding inclusion of your company name and contact details. This is a perfect opportunity for free marketing that you should not miss.

      I like to use DVD boxes in solid colours, as this provides better protection for the disc. Also the DVD box format allows you to design a nice cover using content from the video for the front and leaving space on the back to include any other info the bride and groom may want. I use the same fonts on the cover as on the DVD for continuity and to provide a professional look.

      The Epson Artisan 725 printer looks great, but there is no local distributor in my country and the going rate is the equivalent of $550 US. I use a Canon IP4200, but any of the printers in the Canon IP4xxx series, especially the new IP4950, provide professional photo-quality results at the equivalent of around $125 US.

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