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      Hello everyone, we just launched our 2012 Wedding Demo Reel. Check out
      what we’re doing in Boston. We’ve shot and edited over 90 weddings for
      2011 and we’re up to 75 this year already.

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      Thanks for watching!

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      Once again – Outstanding – Rivals the work of my favorite wedding vid guy – Glen Elliott.

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       macelroy, wow, I’m not worthy… Excellent, outstanding…. I really liked the way that you grouped similar types of clips together. Keep shooting, it would be a loss to video for you to stop. No wonder that you have lots of work!

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      Hello Macelroy, first of all nice Demo!

      I believe you are the right person to help me chose an affordable HD camera to start to shooting wedding videos. I know the cheapest one sometimes is not the better chose. But I found the Panasonic AG-AC7 Shoulder-Mount AVCHD Camcorder and it costs $1,175.00 approximate. Do you recommend this cheaper camera or should I expend a little bit more money to get something with more resources?

      Thank you!

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      Milkteam, I see a few pros and cons with that video camera choice. First the Cons, I’m not a fan of shoulder mounted cameras. They are generally too heavy and too cumbersome. For us the 7/5D set up is awesome. Small and easy to use. Also, most guests think we’re photographers (Added bonus). We use the XDCAM for the ceremony and reception only. So maybe this camera would serve as a complement to a DSLR setup.

      AVCHD is an awful codec. I’ve had problems editing in FCP when it came to some of our freelance videographers. I prefer XDCAM or ProRes.

      Does this camera have 30p or 24p capabilities? If not, I would suggest at least 30p. 60i is to home-videoish for our taste.

      The Pros, I think it’s an affordable camera. Great for starting professionals that don’t have the resources yet to purchase higher end gear.

      1920×1080 is a great resolution and will look fab on blu-ray.

      Bottom-line, what about a camera like this?

      Good in low light, Pro Audio XLR connections, AVCHD (If you like that codec)

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      Thank you so much. I really appreciate your explanation. I will consider your suggestion and I’ll review which camera would be better for what I’m looking for.

      Thank you.

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      You Bet. Let me know if you need any other help.

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      Milkteam -I used to shoot on the Canon XL-1 which always had people drooling. Now days, you can get way better video with essentially a palm sized camcorder yet no one looks twice at it.The tendancy for people to equate size and qualityis no longer accurate.

      A quick look at the specs of the Panasonic AG-AC7 scared me away pretty fast. The very small, single chip seems to be sub 1080 quality. I think you’ll be really disappointed in the long run with this camera. Admitedly, I haven’t used this camera myself, but looking at the glowing reviews on B&H left me feeling like a good third of them were spam and a third were people who never owned a camcorder before.

      So if you go with a smaller camera,spin itto your advantage. You might try marketing yourself as a videographer that blends in to the background, using unobtrusive cameras, recording the wedding and reception in a subtle, documentary style.

      If you actually want to make money with your camera, spend a little more than you would on that Panasonic. Both the NX70 and the Canon XA10 will give youbetter videoAND give you XLR inputs. Audio CANNOT be overlooked – bad audio is a distraction your clients will not appreciate.

      Your biggest problem with a small camera liek the Sony or Canon will be figuring out where to mount your wireless receiver. πŸ™‚

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      May as well throw my demo up here also..nice work..Im gettin there..But I have a day gig also..I need my


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      Check my review on here re:NX70..Not good for weddings!! in my opinion, The most needed and used controls for weddingsare buried in menus.


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      Thanks Joseph for your help. It makes me think twice before choosing my camera. I believe that the Canon could be a good option for my budget. Thank you Joseph and also Thanks Weddingmaster for your opinion.

      I appreciate it!

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      Hey, I really appreciate your explanation.

      I really
      liked the types of clips together.

      Thanks for watching.

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      Very professional production; high quality video.  You have a very good showcase for your work.  This is not a first time video production and all the little professional quality touches really show up in this video.  This is something that a newcomer to the industry should study for pointers.  



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