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      High end brand, great expansion possibilities, great cash flow, and FUN BUSINESS!!

      Perfect opportunity to get into a meaningful and creative business with great cash flow and greater personal rewards working in the wedding industry.

      High end wedding cinematography business is available for sale in the LA/OC area. Average booking is currently $4,000 per wedding for cinematography services shooting 30 weddings per year.

      Net Annual Income – $82,000

      Annual Sales – $120,000

      Current Receivables for 2012 booked weddings – $30,000 (Balance due on 2012 bookings once we shoot)

      Approx. market value of all EQ & Software, Fixtures – $22,000

      ****Owner is willing to stay on to help shoot, sell, and completely train new owner in business model.****

      Business comes with the following:

      All equipment

      All production software

      All receivables

      All contacts, referrals, marketing relationships, client base

      All processes for marketing, selling, closing, filming, editing, and producing final product

      PT Assistant Editor

      Shooting staff

      Complete portfolio of primarily wedding films but also non-profit, motion graphic, and commercial work

      A current owner that is willing to train new owner to succeed and continue the brand quality already built

      All equipment necessary to produce high end video projects.

      Huge expansion potential into commercial, corporate, documentary, anything! The brand is extremely well regarded in the community and the portfolio included in business purchase speaks for itself.

      If you have an interest in owning / operating a high end video production company that specializes in wedding cinematography and you want to be your own boss making a great income with infinite possibilities for growth then this could be a great opportunity for you.

      Life is too short to do something you hate. Here’s an opportunity to make a great living doing something you love!

      Contact Jeff Keller, Business Broker @ jeffkeller06 AT gmail DOT com

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      Hello Jeff,

      Some objective observations regarding your desire to sell a video business, and your business broker at gmail contact info.

      CASH FLOW and stated (not guaranteed) income levels appear to be from ongoing referral business, not sustained, renewable, contracted business clients. While there would STILL be no guarantees even based on repeat/return business listed “on the books” it still represents a BETTER value than a video business operation based primarily on referrals, regardless of the stated annual business levels.

      It is likely also that YOU are the principal and key person upon whom the current business operation is based and in spite of offering “training” or orientation for the NEW OWNER, you would not be there for any length of time. Thus, the “reputation” based on YOUR experience, talents and creative abilities is moot without you, and contributes nothing to a business enterprise without you.

      Your “receivables” may be a valid value consideration, depending on the amount of work remaining to be done and what you’ve already received from clients who have apparently paid some kind of retainer or other fee to “book the date” for their wedding. This is a mixed bag as far as I’d be concerned, with potential issues that could lessen if not eliminate their true income value to a new investor.

      Unless ALL your equipment, fixtures, software, hardware, etc. is less than one year old, it’s actual market value is more than likely ten-cents-on-the-dollar, or as high as fifty-cents. It is likely this is NOT the case and the equipment and much of the other “equity” and equipment, software, etc. is much less in TRUE market value … what an individual could reasonably expect to receive under normal sales conditions, or eBay, et al.

      WHAT client base? Other than wedding clients who have “signed on” for 2012. Any other client-related values are based on YOU, not the company, the business or other. A NEW INVESTOR will not ordinarily carry the same weight of perceived value to friends, contacts, potential clients or other “connections” you personally have.

      WHAT “processes” for … as you state? Realistically? And, WHAT guarantees do the NEW INVESTOR have regarding how long, how dependable and how much has to be paid to retain this “part time” editor?

      What “shooting staff”? Are they salaried? Are they guaranteed certain levels or rates based on jobs or not? Will they guarantee loyalty to the new owner as well? What basis is offered to ensure the new owner that he/she would have access to ANY of these individuals?

      Your “portfolio” is moot at the point you no longer are with the company. It might reflect what WAS done, in the past, with YOU onboard, but has NO reflection of what the new owner is capable of or even WANTS to do. The new owner would be investing in YOUR PAST, more than HIS/HER future!

      How long would you remain to “train” the new owner “to succeed” and isn’t that going to interfere with your new direction? Can you guarantee in writing that you’d be on hand for as long as it takes for the new guy to “succeed?”

      “Expansion potential” has no real value, unless there’s an absolute guaranteed market you’re putting on the table at point of sale.

      “The brand is extremely well regarded in the community and the portfolio included in business purchase speaks for itself.” Yes, it may “speak for itself” but is there anyone in this area of stated value willing to also SPEAK for this?

      In the final analysis, I’d have to say that a new entry into the wedding video production business would be better off buying NEW equipment/technology, probably investing no more than what you’re willing to accept for your used equipment and currently booked 2012 weddings, gaining some training from virtually ANYONE already engaged in similar business activities … paid or shadowing as an assistant (no different, more or less, from the “training” and time you’d be willing to personally provide, and establishing their own brand and market reach. It is likely their investment would build just as quickly once the 2012 season “falls off” and they’re on their own again whether using your old company or their new company.

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      I appreciate that this is an old post now but I am also in the situation of having a Wedding Video Business for sale. The difference in my circumstances is that I do not wish to sell the business – just the brand.

      The production of a wedding video is a very personal thing, one where the cameraman/editor invests a lot of themself in the production of the final product. For this reason I would not sell the business as a whole, nor any orders I had taken. My only intention is to pass on the brand to another person who may make use of it (since setting it up from scratch can take a considerable amount of time and money).

      There are full details available online – just type in 'Wedding Video Business For Sale' and look for Entwined Films.

      I'm only asking for a very reasonable sum to cover the physical cost of setting up the brand (website, graphics, branding, social media etc), not any costs associated with the value of the brand itself.

      Any questions please feel free to get in touch. Thanks for reading.


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      AvatarAndrew Stern

      Hi! You can post an advert of selling on Business asset website. I saw there a lot of businesses this kind. Try it.

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