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      Hey guys,

      I shoot weddings with a Panasonic AG-DVC200 which has a shotgun mic. Every time I turn the camera away from the sound source the valume is decrease a lot causing problems with editing. Any solution? Thanks in advance.

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      If you have to turn your camera away from the source that is crucial to you, keep your microphone where the sound is. You will need to connect it with your camera via cable or wireless kit.

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      I DOP’d a wedding reality TV series for five seasons and all our sound people used wireless microphones for the ceremony. When they had to follow the action they used a wireless mic as well as the shotgun on a boom pole. Often I would shoot on my own without a sound recordist and I’d use a wireless with a shotgun mounted on the camera. I was shooting with a Sony PD170, I don’t know if the <span style=”font-size: 13px; line-height: 20px” class=”Apple-style-span”>AG-DVC2000 </span>permits this kind of versatility. In general, your best bet is to have a dedicated sound recordist record and monitor sound independently (with external microphones and mixer). It’s an investment to be sure but well worth it. It’s how the pros do it. A shotgun mic has the most directional pick-up pattern of all microphones so it needs to follow the sound source, typically on a boom pole. When the action is not static and you have to follow it, at least have someone follow the sound with a shotgun on a boom pole (and an audio extension cable).


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