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      This is a loaded question, but here it goes. Instead of using the camera’s mic, I want to take a direct line from the audio board (wedding is in a church and audio will be run through the church system) and plug it into the mic input on the camera. I know this presents some problems, and I have been told that I would need an adapter box. How does this work.

      This is a guess, but an XLR cable from the system to the “box” and then a mini from the box to the camera???

      So… what kind of an adapter box does this? Also, can you see the audio levels going into the camera from the box?

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      That’s a good guess: a box with XLR in and pin out. You will need to keep the cable at a reasonable length and out of the way; duct taping down the main aisle just wouldn’t look that great and might create a disturbance with management.
      I’d plan for this hookup to go to a second or third cam on a tripod which isn’t going to be moved around much. With this setup, the bride and groom are miked into the sound board and that feed goes back out to speakers for the benefit of the congregation; and you would get your camera feed off of that same input.
      If you have manual audio control on your cam, you should be able to menu over for a graphic readout on your flip out viewfinder. If not, you or one of your assistants can make adjustments based on headphone levels. There may also be audio controls on the box.
      For this setup, you gotta have FAITH. Relying on someone else’s equipment, even a Church, always has some element of risk. For example, the XLR cable from sound board to your cam — where did it come from; has it been used in the last 2 years. I’d bring your own one of these with the right ends. Will the operator of the sound board know where to plug you in. You should figure these things out in advance, so you don’t have a heart attack. (If they do this setup routinely, it should be fine, but ask the questions in advance. Interesting if you got a newbie audio tech!)
      Assuming wireless is out of the question (to your #1 camera), as a backup try to get an audio dub, in a format you can use, off of the sound board. This is something that should be easy for the audio tech to provide.
      Best of Luck.
      REGARDS … TOM 8)

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      Most house/church mixers will have available a -10dB (RCA) and/or + 4 (XLR) output available, (aka, line level) You cannot plug either of these into your camcorder microphone input or wireless mic input without a -50dB attenuator. (Line-to-mic-attenuator)

      In addition, there are usually line-level auxillary sends avaiable on the board for a separate mix… or aka, mix-minus.
      But unless one knows them // don’t touch.

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      I have done this many times and have even used a headphone out on the sound board directly to mic in with outstanding results. Of course you have to set the level out and in but I have had very good results. Definitely have a backup though. Never rely on only 1 source (especially when you rely on a third party sound board operator).

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