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      Hey everyone, I’m new here and I just had a few website related questions.

      First, I have a production company that I’ve been using to shoot short films but am in the works of starting a career in wedding and event video production. Is it common to use your film production name and share it with a event video production? Not sure how clients feel about this. Also, if it is common, how do you combine the two types of productions on one website? Separate sub-pages? How do you post news regarding a film your making on a website also viewed by clients looking for a videographer for their event?

      Also, what do people use to make websites when they have no HTML experience. I found a free pagebuilder called Weebly that actually seems better than the webstarts and the freewebs pages but wonder if there is anything more professional (and cheap).

      Thanks in advance.

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      I use a mac and mac os, so it might not help to recommend trying the mac iLife 09 series that includes iWeb; also makes for some relatively decent and simple web site production in conjunction with Apple’s mobileme service, formerly dot mac.

      Also, I built a basic, but serviceable web site using the click and build software via register dot com. You can see the results (though retro-looking and soon to be totally revamped as it needs serious updating/upgrading) at where I not only feature the various other events and services I offer, but wedding information as well. The opening page at corelann has a link in the middle to the wedding only site I set up using the previously-mentioned iLife, iWeb and dot mac or mobile me environment.

      I was able to pick from a variety of templates and styles using the services. These are the people I’ve pretty much obtained all my URLs through and they’ve been fairly helpful over the years. I’ve been with them for so long, and came onboard at the beginning so I almost have grandfather status with many of their early offerings. Loyalty can pay, I suppose. That site is

      So, like it or not, this is the info and examples I can offer you. And, like it or not, I am in the process of forcing myself to totally update, upgrade and enhance my site(s) and the process by which I share clips and samples.

      Unless you are seriously aiming at ultra-high-end commercial/corporate production I see no problem with focusing one web site and specific pages on each aspect of the services – from weddings and events, to web based, to creative and commercial on one site.

      Others will feel differently. This is what has worked for me. I will, when I totally remove weddings from CorElAnn, totally commit weddings to California Wedding Cinema, then establish a commercial/corporate/small business and web video production site to ONLY those services. So, while my current philosophy is all on one, I am going to change directions when I update my business model, services, pricing, samples and sites.

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      Hey Jay!

      An interesting question. Especially for someone who does web work and video work like myself. I’d typically ask you a question something like, “would you hire a web designer to shoot your video for you?” So here’s the catch 22. When I was in high school I took a ceramics class. I was quite proud of the first pot I threw on a potter’s wheel. My teacher suggested I smash it and do another instead of keeping the first because I’d never look at my work critically if I didn’t start with the first. People who create things tend to have a parents eyes. So yes, while it possible for you to create and do your own web site, would you want a web designer’s video representing your video capabilities? While a web design focused person could shoot a video for you, the question is would the quality of that video be such that you would want it representing your business?

      I’m going to disagree with EarlC on using a hosted service. It’s convention for convenience. You’ll gain some convenience but you’ll lose some flexibility. I’m going to recommend you either register your domain with GoDaddy, then go set up a Dreamhost account or take advantage of the one free domain with a Dreamhost account. Dreamhost offers unlimited everything (storage and bandwidth) as well as Quicktime streaming for an amazing rate. If you search for Dreamhost coupon code you can likely find some amazing deals even though they are not promoted currently on DH’s site. I think the last person I pointed this way got two years hosting for $12, and after that two years it was $120/year.

      Then, what I’d suggest is visit your local college or community college and find the head of their media, multimedia, or whatever they call it and see if you can find a top talented student who needs a design project. Look at their work. If it looks good, see what you can work out to get him or her working on a design for your web site. If all goes well, see if you can work a deal to have them help you get it active and help you learn how to provide basic updates.

      I’d also recommend looking at open source software solutions for web publishing with that student too. It might be a great project for a student and a huge win for you. For instance a WordPress (installed, not hosted) or Drupal site would provide you some content management features which might make it easy for you to update your site. There’s ton’s of templates out there and you can either customize one that exists or have someone help you build your own look.

      I agree with EarlC as far as combining. You have to consider the audience of your desired clientele. Feel free to holler with questions. I have a decent amount of experience in this world.

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      “Also, what do people use to make websites when they have no HTML experience. I found a free page builder called Weebly that actually seems better than the web starts and the free webs pages but wonder if there is anything more professional (and cheap)?” – Jay

      No argument with your comments Craig, but Jay DID ask the above, to which I responded.

      I do have the advantage of PhotoShop skills, 30-year journalism, advertising, graphics and design experience that offers me somewhat of a better perspective regarding communication and design.

      The primary benefit of hiring a professional (not a student) is in the areas of HTML and other web creation languages, as well as the knowledge of optimization and the many other benefits of knowing how to get eyeballs and draw search engine traffic, etc.

      A problem with many “professionals” in ANY field is that they often will not have the required mileage and level of maturity that helps define practical applications (why I do not agree with using students – talented or no), usage and elements as opposed to pushing the latest and greatest, flash-in-the-pan elements that do not necessarily an effective web site make.

      Over, or under-design, along with excessive use of white space or cramming a ton of rhetoric and moving (or static) graphics into every pixel can often appear just as amateurish and be just as non-functional or practical (or moreso) as a click and build approach.

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      Grinner Hester

      I never put my logo on a client’s video.
      I just use links for sperate productions/services.
      I use flash and html to create em, using photoshop to design em.
      Here are my two main sites:
      I will be happy to answer any Qs you may have after ya look at em. I don’t use flash to animate anything. I only use it to author. I import AE movies for anything I wan’t animated.

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