Webroot Secure Anywhere & Avid Studio problem

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There is a problem with Avid Studio and 2012 Webroot Secure Anywhere. I have used Webroot for a long while and loved it but there new 2012 Secure Anywhere causes the program to pause and generate the I'm thinking about it hourglass anytime I try to move my timeline slider or rescale the slider. There are other quirks but those are the unacceptable ones.

For verification of it being Secure Anywhere I uninstalledre-installedthree times with the same results. Upon uninstalling I was prompted to explain why. When I hear something back I will share it.

Although I don't play a doctor in real life or on television, I suspect the 2012 Secure Anywhere delays may be caused by the fact this program is in great part cloud based. I think there may be some kind of pining off the cloud which is causing my program delays.

When I hear from Webroot I will share what they have to say.

And Internet Explorer 9 does not like this forum. This originally posted as a big old blank.