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      I’ve been kicking this idea around for some time, and it is starting to get a bit overwhelming so I will ask for some advice. First, is anyone aware of a community that is doing this? I don’t mean You-tube posting of homemade videos, but an actual “TV” channel that is “broadcasting” just on the web. To clarify, I’m not talking about an existing Cable or Broadcast channel that is simulcasting over the web, but an actual full-time Web TV “station”.

      This opens up a very long explanation of all of the possibilities, but a quick list would be:

      A regular schedule of programs (ie: block programming) that would air either live or as playback.

      Open slots for organizations to purchase time (either 15 or 30 minute blocks?). These could be either non-profits or local businesses. Non-profits would have to acquire sponsors. Businesses could highlight products/services or produce info-type programs (like HGTV/Food Net, etc) that would compliment same.

      Long form program slots (Sunday services from a local church, interactive coverage of a charity auction, etc.)

      We would originate programming from a studio set-up, but would also need to be able to air playback and would love to be able to do “live shots” from a remote location for events like the long form stuff.

      The production equipment would not be a problem, as I currently work for a video production company (they would also benefit from the extra work to produce the “non-live” part of the broadcasts). I am learning as much as I can about the origination on the web (I am working to partner with someone with much more knowledge in this area), but is it “marketable”. Even on a small scale, the costs could easily run around $1000/day.

      I think this idea is a bit early in it’s application, but look at the “Current” channel. It seems that the “interactivity” side of broadcasting is already starting to take hold. The Web is all about the immediacy of information.

      Just wondering what others think. I’ve already gotten the “your nuts” answer from my shrink, so please try to start with something else. Any ideas will be most appreciated and welcomed.



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      I believe ufotv.com is doing this, broadcasting shows they sell on dvd. If you pay you can tune in anytime. If I had enough content I’d do it. LOL The problem isn’t making it happen or anything technical. It can be done. And I think there is interest in it, people would watch and subscribe.

      The problem is content. What do you broadcast? You would have to have folks make programs to air on it or buy programs already out there, which have probably been broadcast on regular tv.

      So I would suggest getting a ton of public domain movies, documentaries and old TV shows and start there, then put out a call for content. You would stand a better chance wooing videographers, producers and directors to make something for the channel if it’s already running than with just an idea. Start getting sponsors for very low prices to come onboard too.

      Consider Sci-fi channel, they started with old vampire movies and whatever they could scrounge up for a couple of years before they got big enough to make their own shows. It was all reruns.

      I’ve often thought a Star Trek channel would be cool. Of course Paramount would have to do it, but consider this… There is 79 original tv shows, over 100 TNG, over 100 DS9 and over 100 Voyager episodes. 22 episodes per season times 7 seasons is alot of programming. Then all the movies and documentaries about the show too. (and tv series already made for free by fans on the web)

      If you ran a 12 hour schedule, and repeated it to make up a 24 hour schedule, each day 24/7 you would not repeat an episode for well over 6 months. Run a movie each saturday night and you won’t repeat a movie for 7 weeks. Plus you could hire a small crew to cover conventions and make up enough shows for a weekly series for a few weeks.

      Plus you could do a 1 hour interview show (one camera, an interviewer and set manager) of each of the primary actors in any show and you’d have enough programs to fill a slot once a week, all year. 52 weeks in a year, and over 52 actors were in the ensemble casts of the shows.

      That would be a fun channel! I think a Paranormal channel would work too.

      But yes, it could be done. If you can get the old Flash Gordon, Dragnet, Batman and other pubic domain serials, plus older movies and such and start the channel, in time you could build it up. Then pay some of the guys making series on other web sites to let you ‘air’ their content on your channel, you could make a cool media outlet. After folks find out you pay where the other guys don’t, they will come to you first.

      “If you build it, they will come”.

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      Let’s start a petition for the StarTrek channel… that sounds awesome!

      Another thing, if you got the channel up and running, you could do user’s content. Like, hold contests for viewers to make the best original short and air the top ones.

      Sounds like this could work internet TV channel could really catch on. You could do stuff like embed the video in the middle of the web page, etc, and put ads around it instead of commercial breaks.

      You could also talk to a lot of web shows to see if they would be interested in licensing their content for the channel too (I’m thinking of things like PurePwnage, Red vs. Blue, etc).

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      I agree, there are a ton of well produced shows on the web now streaming for little or nothing. Whole movies and series. Plus if you could find some of the folks that made videos for film festivals, even the ones that didn’t win, and get their content you could really get it going. It would take some start up capital though.


      Who/how would we start a petition for the Trek channel?

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      There is such a service and channel – it is fairly new but I actually saw it live and in action last weekend at an event. Check out TodoCast.tv– the site appears to still be in development phases, but I saw a demo of this with the folks from TodoCast. The TodoCast Kit offers a complete turnkey capability to shoot, stream and distribute (either live or archived) video and at either a cost or no cost basis. As a TodoCast partner, you can create your own channel, list programming and manage your player. The TodoCast Kit provides a portable satellite antenna that mounts to a SUV, and literally within minutes and the push of a button the feed is live on the web. This was honestly the coolest thing I saw. The event was an underwater event – so to be able to see live video via satellite foran underwater event as it was happening from my laptop was truly remarkable. I did some research on live video webcasting and found some recent press on TodoCast. I’ve included a link here for anyone who want to read more about the company.

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      That is a neat service and could probably be adapted to the above scenario. But I think the idea was a stand alone TV station type deal or network. Just broadcast on the web.

      But live events using the Todo thing would be cool too.

      So here goes, my concept for a “paranormal” channel. LOL

      First, grab every old documentary on the devils triangle, ufo’s, ghosts and bigfoot out there. Sun Classics did a ton of these in the 1970’s and they are still favorites, most public domain.

      Then get a couple of local videographers to contact their local ghost hunters club and start a show like TAPS, start getting it ready for broadcast. Contact a few psychics and offer them a show too. Then hit every UFO conference and get interviews with the writers and ufologist. Almost all will do interviews free if they can plug their web sites and books.

      Start the channel with old horror movies, and the documentaries. Visit UFOtv.com and secure broadcast rights of some of their content and pay them a percentage. When you get some capitol going contact Travel channel, history and discovery channel and buy up their older paranormal content.

      Content would come with shows on related subjects which are easy to produce. You could do sit down interviews with Stanton Friedman, Budd Hopkins and Whitney Streiber plus many other ufologist. Easy to produce and people would watch. One hour interview shows would be featured and would help fill up time.

      Put the channel on with advertisments and after it takes off there may be a small subscription fee.

      That’s it in a nutshell. But I think it would work and you’d build your audience on new age and paranormal enthusiast. In time you may even simulcast it on satellite.

      Whadda ya think?


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      If i am not wrong, here in brazil (Yes! I am brazilian) there are a TV online that is just like a normal tv, with news programs, with movies and things like this.

      I will find out the website for this “online TV”

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      Getting back to that star trek channel… have you seen this? http://hiddenfrontier.com/

      They have whole series only on the net. πŸ˜‰


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      Ship, thanks for the info. Will wait for the site. Thanx to all for the ideas. Deeva-the todocast looks interesting. A bit pricey now for a regular event, but certainly is worth keeping an eye on in the future.

      When we get up and running, I am going to reserve the 11pm slot for Aspy! Can you line me up an ad sponsorship with Shattner? (Priceline could be a good fit for an historical town like ours! Lots of tourists come year-round!) I too could get into a sci-fi hour.

      Live long and prosper!


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      I think you have a great idea there! Keep us up to date on your progress and I’m sure plenty of us would love to make shows for the new network! πŸ™‚


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