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      Can anyone recommed a video hosting site, where I can upload my videos and charge the users to download?


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      Set one up yourself! πŸ™‚ Seriously, if you have enough stock footage, you can probably afford to set up your own site. Places like godaddy.com will give you a domain name, website space, and email addresses for under $100 a year. I’ve spent more than that on newspaper ads, and my website gets a lot more done than all the newspaper ads I’ve ever had.

      You’ll need to have some technical knowledge to set up a website, or at least the capacity to learn, but if you’re able to edit videos and convert them to downloadable formats, surely this isn’t a challenge for ya.

      Once your site is up and running, buy advertisement. Use the google adwords system, as that’s what more and more sellers are using these days. Plus you get fairly good returns on it. I’ve always been happy with Google’s ad performance.

      And make sure your site is index-able by search engines. include those meta tags! Spiders and bots love ’em!

      Another idea for advertising once your site is done is to use Google Video. Upload a low to medium quality copy of your video to Google video, and put the location of your site where they can buy the video in the description. Then, instead of just regular old advertising, you’ve got an actual demo of the video they would pay for. Plus, then you can suck up Google’s bandwidth instead of your own for showing files.

      I’ve never used someone else’s service to sell videos, mainly because I make videos for private parties. Doing stock footage and B-roll production isn’t something I’ve done professionally, though I think the ideas above might work well for you.

      Good luck!

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      Ah, you’ve pointed out my own fatal flaw in my own site.

      Yeah, after I set up the initial site design, I pretty much left it there, without doing any search engine optimization at all. Honestly, it’s probably a good thing, because right now I’ve already got more than enough business to keep my busy. I keep telling myself that when I get time, I’ll fix that, but I rarely have free time, it would seem!

      I do agree that websites are a totally different beast than videography. However, both are technical trades that rely on computers. If you can do either one, you’re going to have to have mastered PC basics at some point. So while you do have to learn a whole new trade to do one or the other, my assumption is that it would be easier for a videographer who uses PC’s every day to learn web dev than, say, an accountant who doesn’t need a computer for their job, but they do own a 386 running DOS 4 for word processing.

      Most professional fields are either left brain or right brain jobs. Videography and web development are two places where you have to use both, which is why I think that it would be easier for one of these tradesmen to learn the other trade than it would be for many other positions.

      Anyway, enough of that. I’ve got weddings to edit! πŸ˜›

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      Although, I do have to agree with one big aspect of what you said. Taking the time to get down to business with a website is hard.

      My site was practically an afterthought when I was restarting my business. I had the unique luck of running into several video clients before I had even finished officially "going back into business", thanks to my old demo video and some word of mouth. So while I was getting gear, filming a wedding, and on and on, this website issue came up, and I had to get it done. I started doing a flash-intensive site, but after a couple days, I had more phone calls coming in from local ads, and I just resorted to sticking up what’s there now. I think about 70% of the site was even created in Frontpage, which is something I didn’t like doing, and I don’t reccomend to anyone else out there. Frontpage is nice for building basic html pages, but it has too many proprietary tags and bots that don’t play nice with other sites, and you pretty much cut your hands off when you get into incorporating php, scripting of any sort, or anything at all that requires a good handle on your webpages, since Frontpage is famous for changing your html to what it thinks is best. But that’s another rant for another day.

      Anyway, I should have said that if you have the time to take it on, you should. IF not, you should efinitely hire a pro to take care of it. Either way, websites are absolutely essential for a business in this day in age. YOu can sell your stuff trough other sites, but when you do that, you’re losing some of your profit to middle men anyway. Why not just spend what you would lose to them on your own site?

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      You could always try http://www.video.google.com

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      Like furball was saying you can sell your videos directly through google video.

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