Way to “Hold” Scrolling Text Title at Last Line in FCE?

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      Hi Mavens,

      In Final Cut Express, is there a way to “hold” (stop) a Scrolling Text Title at the last line?

      • FYI: While I know this is possible in Apple’s LiveType;this question is addressed specifically to FCE.

      Many thanks!

      Plane Wryter

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      Not with a traditional roll but you an stack a track and cut to a static graphic in FCE or just keyframe the roll in motion or after effects.

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      Put the image you want in the canvas. Press shift-N and you will get a 10 sec frame in the viewer. You can change the length in the preferences. Hope it helps. Won’t be around, email me for further assistance at antoine_613@hotmail.com

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      Thanks; Gents!

      • Shooter…your suggestion worked perfectly.

      This FCE Newbie appreciates all the help.

      Plane Wryter

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