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      A book I just read suggests all audio files should be saved in WAV format when you’re using them in a video file for upload to Youtube. It states that because the MP3 file is compressed, and Youtube compresses it further, too much degradation of the audio quality occurs when Youtube compresses the MP3 into another MP3.

      I just made a quick video and put together a song for the background track. Going by the book’s suggestion, I saved the song in WAV format, and used that in Premiere Pro. Then, to experiment, I saved the same song in MP3 format, and created a sepaarate video using the MP3 version for the background track.

      Now, the MP3 is about 2.6 MB. The WAV is 25.2 MB. Thus, there’s a big difference in the file size (compressed vs. non-compressed) of the song.

      But when the final video is rendered, both versions (one with MP3 and one with WAV) are the same size–186 MB. I went with the preset in Premiere Pro (an uncompressed audio codec).

      What’s more, I can’t tell any difference in sound quality after testing them out on Youtube.

      Am I missing something? More importantly, if I’m going to record a song and audio quality is really important, should I be using any particular codec/format for uploading to Youtube?

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