Waterproof inkjet discs

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      Has anyone tried the new AquaGuard DVDs? I’ve read that they are highly water-resistant. Does anyone know if they are waterproof?

      Miss KIT

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      Sorry Miss Kit,

      Never heard of them here in OZ.

      Sounds like a good idea

      I’ll keep a keen eye on this post.

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      Use a thermal printer, they’re waterproof

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      Hi MissKIT

      These discs have been released in the states by Imation. Taiyo Yuden have also released a glossy and a matte finish waterproof inkjet disc. I have seen both and both are water-resistant to allow graphics that wont smudge or wash away. Primera have released with Taiyo Yuden the TuffCoat discs for use with their publishing systems. I was really impressed with the quality and durability of the samples we brought back from CeBIT in Germany (they had them on display there under a running waterfall). I dont know yet when the discs will be released in Austrlaia but last I heard would be close to the end of the year

      Hope that helps πŸ™‚

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