Water proof computer?!

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      Yea, they don’t make those yet. But they should so I don’t have to be cooped up all day editing on a gorgeous day like today.

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      sony’s got a viao laptop out that can sense liquids hitting the keyboard and will shut down the computer before anything gets fried. Only thing, I think it’s currently only available in Japan.

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      Ha…I mean something badass for video editing. I’m using a MacPro. Can’t lug that outside and leave it out there. hahaha…nice suggestion though

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      perhaps it’s my other job (photographer) that gave me this idea…

      but a couple black binders, some self adhesive velcro strips, a clear plastic baby carriage cover, and a pelican brand waterproof case, makes a handy laptop case with hood for shade and water protection….

Viewing 3 reply threads
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