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      Hi i just bought a Samsung VP-HMX10 High Definition Camcorder – all good so far!

      until i moved the HDfootage from the camcorder over to an external harddrive (as MPEG4), i then plugged in the hard drive to my PS3 and watching the footage on my brand new 1920×180 full HD samsung LCD is amazing but i have one snag – THERE IS NO AUDIO, i filmed it on a SDHC (superfine 12mbps) any ideas?

      I played the camcorder directly through the tv using HDMI and it works so i guess its something to do with the PS3, any of you guys used a PS3 for home HD viewing?

      Also, I plugged the external hard drive into my 5 year old laptop and played the footage using VLC media player, the odd thing here is that the audio worked but i did not get the picture (the complete reverse).

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      PS3 supported video format: MPEG-4 AVC/H.264

      So, i guess u need to convert ur HD files to PS3-friendly format before viewing them on this device, i recommed this best video converter which is already optimzed to output setting for PS3, easy-to-use.

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