Watched tutorial on 24FPS to 30 can it go the other way

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      I was interested when I saw Videomaker had a tutorial on changing frame rates.

      In it they showed how to take a 23.97 FPS and convert it to 29.9 FPS. The issue was changing the subject voice back to normal as the conversion makes the audio make him sound like a Munchkin.

      But can you take 29.9, convert it to 23.97 and get the subject’s voice to go back to normal from the slow and extremely deep voiced person he became?

      I tried and searched help in Premiere Pro 5.5 and found nothing.

      Is there a way?

      Thank you


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      Hey robbow123,

      I am not yet familiar with the Adobe Suite’s video capabilities yet. However, I have never had a problem using Compressor in Final Cut Studio to do frame rate conversions. Have you tried doing the conversion in Media Encoder instead of Premiere?

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      Thank you, I didn’t think of that. I forget I have encoder. I will try.

      I appreciate the help


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      How about extract the audio out to a wav/mp3 file. then after the fps change, reinsert the audio?

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      Thanks Reynard

      I tried that but the video clip becomes longer and I have to match the time of the audio

      I used Audacity to bring the pitch back to normal I exported then copied it into Premiere. I was worried about it syncing up but it did. But I have to do some more work as it leaves the new pitch with a humming sound on top of it that wasn’t in the original.

      A lot of work even for a short film. I wonder how much difference changing to 24FPS in post does?

      I have a LETUS adapter that gives me the shallow depth of field and the use of different lenses.

      But your suggestion was excellent idea.

      Right now I am just making videos by myself and learning. It would be nice to have help especially getting the focus right

      Thanks very much for your help


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      If I can ask, why are you changing the footage to 24.95fps? If you are trying for the film look it really does not work. If you are uploading to YouTube they convert it to 30fps anyway.

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      My eventual goal is not YouTube. But I do wish to get a more film like look. I can get shallow depth of field and amstudyingand experimenting with lighting so I can make it look as good as possible. I try to do as much as possible before post to make it look good.

      But I saw the 24FPS in Premiere and thought I would try that. But it doesn’t look any different.

      Just an experiment. My current goal is to eventually make short films shot on video and enter them into film festivals. I have scripts and am an professional actor and can get my actor friends to be in the films. Still have to pay them but in Toronto the union have a drastically reduced rate for Independent films.

      Not that I can afford that. I don’t have the money to make the 15 minute short I wrote. So I continue to study and play around and learn how to shoot and edit a movie as ifit was a Mainstream film.

      Thank you for responding.

      Any advice about film making using video is welcome


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