Watch my video and give me a critique?

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      I just finished a quick video for my hold high school that I graduated from in ’05. It was all shot by me with my GL2. Let me know what you think. It’s a kind of low on quality though because of compressing for myspace.

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      The film held my attention was crisp and well paced. I think it would improved by adding appropriate titles for the viewers that are not familiar with the content.

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      Nice piece. Very professional. Could run very close to as-is as a featurette on local TV in many major markets (i.e., large cities).

      Last shot (freeze frame) was awkward; not worthy of the rest of piece.

      Do you have permission for the music. I know; everyone steals ST materialfor MySpace and the like. Having acorporate lawyer (hired by a rich band) come after you for 500K or so could be a life changing experience, if you were to use the copyrighted material in an exploitive way (i.e., try to make $25 worth of income with the piece).

      Not bad for a GL2. Gym shots would have more saturation/zest with a Sony2100. Also, while the gym look is fine (everthing in amber/ocre), experimentation with white balance might havegiven a more eye catching result. (Not saying, more realistic; saying more eyecatching. BTW, 99% of all TV commercials (not shot on cheap budget locally) favor eyecatching over realistic.)

      The Asst Coach cutaways werenot as strong as the other interview bits. A bitof mumbling. And what he said maybe he could have said better with a little help fromthe “director” !!!

      Do more more more of these and you can make a mark out there.

      REGARDS … Thom

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      Nice…great advice guys. I haven’t gotten the rights to the song only because it’s for my old high school, and the video is for their annual all-sports banquet they have at the end of each school year. So it’s only for the student’s and coaches, which is why I didn’t have more informative lower thirds either.

      I agree with your comment about the VX2100 though ThomScratch. The GL2 doesn’t perform very well in low light situations. Looks awesome when their is plenty of light though. At least I think so…I’m still in college, so I don’t see much high quality footage yet haha.

      Oh and the last shot isn’t a freeze frame. Myspace didn’t let it fade all the way to black for some reason. I’ll be sure to take all your advice with me for future projects.

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      man thats nice. professional well edited damn near espn material. text could be just a tiny bit better. but i loved it.

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