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      Luis Maymi Lopez

      Hello people of videomaker

      I was looking over the web on how to wash a greenscreen cloth. I found a pretty decent information in this web site http://www.chroma-key.com/page–Chroma-Key-FAQs–ste_frequently_asked_questions.html This is good information but the thing is that my greenscreen (10×24 muslin fabric) is way to huge to be put in a conventional washing machine and hand washing it will be tough (and ridiculously boring) . Any suggestion or experiences washing your greenscreen that could help me out?

      Another thing is that to get the best chroma key I have to iron it and I dont know how exactly should I do this. I think that I should iron segments of the greenscreen that I will used, but since Im contantly using it for different video production this will be ineficient. How can I maintain the greenscreen without the cloth being bend? Is there is a way to fold the greenscreen so I can move it efficiently?

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      If your backdrop isn’t attached to a collapsable frame your cleaning options are; spot cleaning (just make sure not to scrub so you don’t change the color in that spot), taking it to a laundrymat with industrial sized washers and dryers or sending it to a cleaners (which can be expensive.)

      If you take it to a laundrymat, immediately after the dryer stops, take out the backdrop and roll it up, I repeat, ROLL IT UP! The heat of the dryer will have removed many of the wrinkles out and folding it will just put new ones in. Oh, and make sure you use a mild detergent like Woolite and wash the backdrop in cold water. If you send it to the cleaners, stipulate that it must be rolled up and not folded!

      As for ironing, get a small travel steam iron and keep it in your backdrop kit. You can setup your backdrop and have an assistant/grip hold a heavy cardbord or thin wooden board covered with terrycloth (doesn’t have to be bathtowel thick to work) on the opposite side of the spot you plan to iron. Set the iron to cotton/linen and steam for heating. When the iron is hot, prime it away from the backdrop by shooting a few jets of steam out. Do it away from the backdrop so you don’t get excess water on the backdrop which will cause a temporary dark stain (that you’ll have to wait for it to dry.) With the board on the opposite side of the backdrop and using the steam sparingly, iron out your wrinkles. Do not use the iron without steam! It will burn your backdrop. Do not use a water sprayer. The amount will be inconsistant and you’ll have to wait until it dries before you can shoot. Do not use spray starch! Starch will leave a film on the backdrop that may reflect light.

      Go forth and chromakey

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