WARNING: Adobe Story Free is GONE!!!

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      I just tried to access my scripts, I can’t log in. Apparently, Adobe is using the tactic of holding customers projects hostage. Either pay $24.99 a month or lose your work…

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      So when does that kick in? After a year? I just logged in and can access my stuff without warning (though I did have to ‘accept’ the new terms (which was a huge document). I began my ‘free’ usage in February of this year.

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      That’s a darn good question! For the record, it’s the desktop application not the online one. This means, although I can access my old stuff that I’ve syncronized, I can’t get to my latest products that I was working on just yesterday.

      I’ve used Story since I got CS5. There’ve been numerous updates and several notices, that startedseveral months ago. I must have missed the notice that the desktop application was going to be subscription-only!

      Here’s the latest:

      Introducing powerful features added to Adobe Story Free.

      Adobe Story Free now offers pre-production features along with all the screenwriting functionality as part of subscription membership. Story Free users can create a limited number of production schedules, production reports, plus tag production elements in their scripts and schedules and add simple camera shots to scripts.

      Story Free users will also be able to selectively synchronize script revisions to schedules without losing work.

      Users can access the latest update here.

      New users can sign up for Adobe Story Free here.


      Q. Are production scheduling features available to Adobe Story Free users?
      Yes, the latest Adobe Story Free update allows users to have limited access to production scheduling capabilities. With the latest update, users can:

      Create 3 production schedules in the lifetime of their Free subscription

      Create editable production reports

      Use Tagging features in both scripts and schedules for scene breakdowns

      Q. As a Story Free user, what happens after I create 3 production schedules?
      Story Free users are allowed to create 3 free schedules. After 3 schedules you will no longer be able to create new schedules. In order to create new schedules you must upgrade to Adobe Story Plus.

      Q. As a Story Free user, can I create production reports?
      Yes. You can create unlimited production reports like call sheets, shooting order scripts, etc. from the reports button on the schedule. If you wish to create reports across multiple scripts or schedules, you are required to upgrade to Adobe Story Plus.

      Q. As a Story Free user, how can I collaborate on production schedules?
      Story Free users cannot collaborate on schedules since they are not able to share projects amongst Adobe Story Free or Adobe Story Plus users.

      Q: How can I upgrade from my Adobe Story Free to Adobe Story Plus?
      Visit http://www.adobe.com/products/story-plus.html to subscribe to Adobe Story Plus.

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      I was just on the free online version and created a new project and then a film script. I can create a scene heading line, but nothing else. The RETURN does nothing and the backspace or arrow keys don’t work. Either I’m doing something wrong, or I don’t have something within Story setup right. Any ideas?

Viewing 3 reply threads
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