Hi Def War may be over Warner Bros. Backs Blu-Ray mabee Paramount too

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      Well it looks like the High Def wars may be over.

      Jan 4, Warner Bros. announced they will releasing there titles exclusively in Blu-ray Disc format. Link to article.

      It also looks like Paramount may follow suite. Link to article.

      I will be glad to see this war over so consumers can start making confident choices in their video purchases.

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      I’m going to ask this from a web developers perspective. This is January 2008 and magazine articles are claiming Blu-Ray as a winner. As of today I know absolutely no one my age in their mid 30s who are not technologists avidly screaming for high def blu ray media or content. Same with HD/DVD; no one is demanding it. My wedding videographers are all saying that, my corporate videographer friends are saying that.

      And yet everyone I know in their 30s, 20s, and teens use online video every day. So what does it mean that one format has won? Does it mean that a hollywood studio gets to say, “We Won !” ? Because from my day to day perspective I am selling full length 2 hour long online video solutions to my clients today, and have been for years.

      Wedding video

      Non profit video

      Video Podcasts

      Local Event Video

      I asked myself whether it would be the year for HD in 2007, 2006, 2005…At some point I just found myself selling online video for profit while some suit in some hollywood office was pushing headlines on some paper I didn’t care about.

      I can’t answer to what will happen with HD and the practical everyday sale of the technology. But I do know what’s going on in the IT world. Prices are dropping, hardware is cheaper, software is better, and software developers who are not innovative are having to look for other work. At some point people will have to wake up and realize that HD will not sell more media. Hoping for a bigger paycheck because of more bigger faster is just not true anymore. What you get to live with is that you spend for more bigger faster and get paid the same amount or less.

      What about you? How long have you been selling high def? What are your projected timelines for practical applications of high def, after paying for hardware software learning and getting people to finally accept that their fate is high def? Will it be too late, because all the kiddies have been shooting each other dozens of online video files for years already? Best case scenario I think people will be forced to purchase high end cameras and computers and all new software. And all this stuff will be delivered online because of the incredible interactivity which we experience similar to these forums. Not an isolating experience non dynamic single disk with no future. Probably great for libraries which need archival material on 25Gb disks. And I’m not planning a career in library science any time soon.



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      I said earlier, “…while some suit in some hollywood office was pushing headlines on some paper I didn’t care about.”

      Except for videomaker magazine. I care a lot about videomaker. I check out their video section, and you can see that they get it. Rather than subjecting all of us to purchasing DVDs along with their magazine they put amazing quality media online in the form of tutorials.

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      What if you hosted a war and nobody showed up?

      To me the “hd” in high def means “Hard Drive”.

      Why bother with the disks at all when upsampled dvd’s look good on hi def tv’s, Apple tv’s and other media streamers can run the content right off your computer, and then there’s web broadcasting/sharing.

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