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      Hi all. I’m a total newb to this all. but i want to say thank you for taking time to read this. I have only been doing friends and family video editing with some WWE mixed with rock music. i really love my end results. I know that they are no way near as good as the top dogs. but I would like to know how can someone like myself start to get a career in video editing. Are there companies that offer on board trainning. If anyone could please give me some advice i’d like that verymuch.
      Thank you.

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      thank you for taking the time to reply. I will have a look at these steps.
      but could i ask for people who like myself wants to get into editing but want tos to put all the time in the world to master these skills. when and how would the money come in. am i right by saying people do part time jobs so that they can spend most of the time editing but yet with still some sort of income.

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      Thanks for the advice but isn’t it scary that if people go into contacting. but what if the work isn’t out there, how do people live?
      another thing i would like to know. Is if I like editing from the little knowledge i have, never the less I want to have a career in editing. when I see other peoples work. and i am blown away. do i still carry on with my dream to face facts which is i will never be as good as these people?

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