Wanting a good camera. 2-4k price range.

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Hi. I'm new to the forums. I've been interested in film for many years now and since im at a point where i can save a lot of money to get a good film camera, i figured i would do some research. I've read a lot of different reviews on a lot of different cameras and now I'm just confused on what is best and what is not. I'm sure you all are tired of getting posts like this but any help would be much appreciated. Ive narrowed it down to these few cameras.

Canon XH A1

Sony Professional HVR-A1U CMOS

Panasonic Pro AG-DVX100B 3-CCD MiniDV

I've also thought about the new RED camera coming out that's under 3,000 dollars, and it shoots at nearly twice HD quality. The video clip i saw looked amazing, but the camera looked very basic. Also, maybe accessories would enhance the experience, i dunno.

If anyone has any better suggestions than these please feel free to tell me. These were just the best I saw at the time.

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Hi Diptheria.

Which NLE software do you use? Are you sold on HDV tape? Or would you consider a tapeless workflow?

I would be sure to check the system requirements. I was looking at a P2 based camera, but Sony Vegas does not support it (or much of anything else, actually), so now I am writing to Sony to request better third party support, and am jumping through hoops I did not realize existed.

If your NLE handles P2, I would also consider the AG-HPX170, or if you want to go AVCHD, the AG-HPX150. Both of these got excellent reviews, and tapeless backup is about 3x as cheap as tape.


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The camcorders in the link that I posted above are HD (most of them are hard disk) camcorders. If you are starting to go pro and shoot commercially with a high price range, I would go with HD. Any way, after more review, it looks like some of these models are over $7,000 - so I would be sure and check the price and choose a slightly lower end model. Here is another model to consider: