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      Am interested in insights of video producers who have done major video editing projects, (i.e., NOT throwaway-casual, NOT half-day workshops, NOT that kind of thing), using one or more of the popular PC video editing applications AND ALSO one or more of the dedicated NLE video editing appliances (Edirol, Casablanca, Applied Magic). Based on your experience with BOTH types of systems, am interested in your take on the pro’s and con’s of these different approaches in achieving your best work.
      A major area of my interest is video documentary work, with focus on riveting content and strong video images, with a minimum of fancy effects. I occasionally monitor the Casablanca forum and recall one user who started with Casablanca, shifted over to FCP for a couple years, and has returned to Casablanca as the primary system. A few have written in that forum that they are actively using both types of systems in their work suites (PC and NLE appliance). My dream system is a FCP non compression system with DVD authoring, and updating capability to HD. That is out of reach right now. (Have taken a semester class in FCP and accomplished a few basic projects using FCP.) Currently, leaning towards the high end (“A/B roll”) Edirol NLE appliance system for about $4K with discount. (Edirol/Roland was strongly established in the professional audio equipment field before venturing into the video field. This is a plus for me.)
      However, there is time to change my mind… Would appreciate hearing from those who have seen it from BOTH SIDES. Thanks!

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