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      I am a lifetime pc user, but I finally have decided to break into the mac world. I want to learn how to use macs in general and Final Cut Pro before I go to film school in about 2 years. I want a simple mac that will run final cut pro with no problems. I am very low on funds. Does anyone have anything that will suit my needs? Thanks

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      To tell you the truth, an inexpensive Mac that’ll run FCP, will only be found on Ebay, or maybe from a dealer. But as the above poster said, it may be in need of some tweaking.

      I couldn’t afford my own Mac, but my Junior High School was generous enough to give me a Power Mac G5. They gave it to me because I made a feature length video for their Athletic Association. There was no way I could have afforded it.
      I’m not really sure what I’m suggesting here, but I think you get the point of it.

      Yeah it stinks being a low-budget filmmaker, but don’t worry, youu’ll find something. Maybe if you have a relative that owns a powerful enough Mac, maybe they can let you use it some time.

      Hang in there.

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