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      Hi, I am wanting to know about some good cheap or free editing software. I want to be able to make little 5 minute fishingvideos. I would like it have things like “bleeping” out words and maybe even “fuzzing” out logos. I want to be able to put multiple background songs…start and stop songs and break them up in different portions of the show. I will add a link below to our fist video that we used “pinnacle videospin……….whatever that is…I think it might be a trial version but it is my buddies….Windows Movie Maker will almost cut it but not quite. We are using a sony bloggie andI have a little flip hd pocket cameraon its way. They are little pocket cams but we are both fishing and this is just a little hobby thing. Any suggestions or adviceis welcome. Thanks.


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      Grinner Hester

      Windows Movie Maker is fine to start with and outgrow. You can go from there.

      I hate when editors opt to use 1k tone to hide or create cuss words though. It’s always been the quickest way to get me to turn the channel. There are simply too many ways to do it right to have to resort to such a thing. I mean, it aint like we hide boobies with color bars, now is it?

      As you go, you will find many entry level NLEs from Ulead products to Premiere. all are fine for what you are looking for and all will lead you to what you need or want next.

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      Yeah….I have done a lot of Movie Make and kind of feel like I have outgrown it. For me, it is not about the quality of the video but the editing that makes it fun for me. We are just shooting with pocket cams.

      If I could get boobies on my fishing show….I prolly would hide them….with a bar…or fuzz…or whatever πŸ™‚

      I just read about something called Avidemux….I am gonna check that out and see if it is any better than Pinnacle Videospin

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      You might want to consider Premiere Elements 9.It isinexpensiveyet powerful and will allow you to do everything you mentioned above. You can viewa training course on Lynda.com before you decide to buy,

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      Take a look at Sony’s Movie Studio 10 Platinum or Platinum Pro. Both are a significant step up from Movie Maker; both will do what you need and both have a rather flat learning curve. Either will allow you multiple audio and video tracks and — perhaps a big plus for someone shooting wobbly shots in a boat — both have image stabilization software plug-ins.

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      Yeah, I would also recommend the jump to Movie Studio from Movie Maker if you plan on staying with Win OS. I don’t believe it costs more than $150 and it’s basically ‘Vegas Lite’ which is good should you decide to make the jump to a pro NLE and have the advantage of knowing the basics of how to use the software.

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      Hey guys, Thanks for the reply….I will check into this. $150 is not too much so I will check into that….I have not gotten around to checking out the Avidemux program but have it downloaded.I will look into theMovie Studio as well.It is something that I really enjoy….when I have to wait several weeks in between trips, messin with the videos makes the time easier….it kind of extends the enjoyment of the trip.

      Any other suggestions or thoughts are always welcome.

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      Just don’t do PowerDirector if you want exceptional stability. It’s glitzy, but it does crash. It was very slow on my 1.66GHz core2duo laptop. I’m not talking about rendering- it took at least a couple of seconds to make a cut. You couldn’t even click on a ‘slow button’ without it freezing. If you got carried away and started moving fast, it would crash and not give you a change to save a project with which you are working

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      I don’t think 1.66 GHz meets PowerDirector 8 specified requirements. I use 2.80 Ghz and I am very happy with PowerDirector 8 Ultra. Much better than Adobe Premier Elements 7.0 that I used previously. Reasons are covered elsewhere in these forums.

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