want to film my class lessons in DVDs and VHS .. Please help

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      Leave room in the budget for a wireless mic system. The Azden VHF WMS-PRO for $150 (or less) will do fine. Be sure your camera has 1/8" mic input. At that budget, it’s more important to have good audio, there isn’t a lot you can do for the image quality though. Also, you’ll want an editing program ($99 for Premiere Elements) and you’ll need a tripod ($99). If that only leaves $400 for the camera, just be sure it takes mini DV tape instead of one that records to DVD. You’ll definietly want to edit those lesson videos!

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      Hi everyone here..

      I’m a teacher and have an idea to purchase a suitable digital camcorder for filming some Math and Science lessons for my students ..
      What is the best camcorder you think for this purpose?

      my budget is between 300 – 700

      What you think about : Sony DCR-DVD505 DVD Handycam Camcorder? about $740

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