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      You can add Guerrilla Video Production: Walk On, Make Money to your business diversity and fill in non-booked dates with a bit of adventure by stopping at a youth or adult sports, or other open or community event. See http://www.eccomeecgo.blogspot.com for more information.

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      Thank You Earl, Your Idea’s are good and welcomed please keep posting.

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      Thanks for the encouragement. I will do just that. Tell others, OK? Also, if you want, as Jay (currently my ONLY EC Reader blog follower – and a participant here) suggested I set up a “follow this blog” thingy at the bottom of the blog page where you can hop on. Again, thanks for the comment.

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      What’s with this s–t, people hijacking other people’s threads to promote something entirely different! I’m getting pretty disgusted with it. You piggy-backing me here, and some dude did the same thing on my personal page on dvprofessionals, they used to do it all the time on my blog until I started cutting them off at the knees, Twitter piggy-backers, hijackers…

      You’d think anybody who has some marketing sense, skills, products and talents could devise and develop their OWN marketing strategies and successfully sell or pitch their wares.

      Go do you OWN post, Richard! Develop your own following, and don’t stoop to being a squatter on other people’s information, articles and posts.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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